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The issue with Buyer Requests

You may have come here after seeing the title of my article. What I mean is that from now on there is no profit in sending a buyer request. Yesterday I had an experience. Where I changed my English buyer request to Spanish by translating it to Google. Then send the request.

It’s is the Picture of Seller Req That I Sent.
Within a few seconds, over 25 offers were received from sellers. The concern is how so many offers came in 4-5 seconds. Do sellers have the power of Superman on their fingers? In the blink of an eye, he wrote such a huge offer and sent it in such a short time. My request to the Marvel company is to make a movie about their power.
In fact, the name of their real power is copy-paste. They write down the offers in advance and hang them on their notepad, then copy and paste any buyer request as soon as they see it. Everyone clap their hands for them.
Just because of the people who do copy and paste like this, an experienced seller is falling behind every day. I am also a seller and other sellers like me also understand how it feels.
Buyers also face problems here. They can’t find a good seller. Maybe hire that Copy Paste Guy and got cheat and lose money.
So use some points in the request. For example, those who understand the request should write “hide” in their offer.
I can’t give so many examples.
You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. I have written a lot, now I can’t. I went …


Now, I was waiting for the point of the topic, and here it is…

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You need to change the category of your post.

I needs to go to the “ranting” section, as you are doing just that for 5 paragraphs, or the “my gig” section, if you want to link to your gig to wrap up this self-promotion effort.


You got me. :joy: but As you know It’s a very hard time for sellers.

Should I change the category for you?

Also your post title needs to edited. Too click-bait-y.

I can also do that for you.

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I am not very expert in this forum. Plzz and thanks

Every day of every life on Earth since the beginning of time till the end of time is and will be hard.
Some do not have money.
Some do not have home.
Some do not have love.
Some do not have heart.
Some do not have hope.
Some do not have health.
Some do not have strength.

At any given day at any given moment we feel how great it would be to just give up and let go. Forget life.

Is there a point? Is there a hope? Will tomorrow be better?

Probably no. But still. Fiverr will get his 20% fee.

You need to use your 80% smart.


Moved your post to the ranting pot, changed the click-bait title.


Right. I feel your thoughts,

I do have to admit the buyer requests are a little bit daunting. Often times, there are 20-30 other sellers who have already given their offer. I do find myself wondering what they say, what their offer is structured like, just to be able to see and learn from one another.

When you say this:

Do you mean it from the seller’s side or from the buyer’s side? Personally, I think it’s wrong from either side. I have sent dozens upon dozens of offers to requests, and while most didn’t pan out, my clients were ecstatic the handful of times they did accept my offer, and I was ecstatic to get an order from someone I ‘picked’ myself. While there are a lot of shady people on the buyer requests, both sellers and buyers, I think the genuine people of both groups can still find each other and make it work.

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Why dont you just remove your selfpromotion and move it to the appropriate category for self promotion.

It spoils a good post on buyer request, and more people need to know this. SO just to add to the rant:

Fiverr should manage better their buyer requests
Fiverr should manage better these type of sellers who just spoil everything, including the buyer requests
Fiverr should manage better their platfrom
Fiverr should manage better their business model

Sorry & Thanks for reading

I mean it from my side.

Ah, right. It’s written as if there’s no profit for anyone anymore, which is what confused me a bit there. You might want to consider rewording it to “there is no profit in sending a buyer request for me”.

Out of curiosity, that screenshot you posted up above, the one from Google Translate. Did you post that request in Spanish, the one that says ‘I need to see some creepy dudes’?

Yes. But google translate not so good. Its don’t write the proper meaning every time.

Isn’t posting a fake request considered spam, which in turn is against the ToC?

Its actually not a spam , In the last i added “I need A website”.