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issue Resolved…issue Resolved…issue Resolved…issue Resolved…


Unfortunately, this is Fiverr’s forum, not Fiverr’s customer support. This is a forum that’s mainly used by other Fiverr buyers and sellers like yourself.

Unfortunately, the issue that you had was something that could have been easily resolved.

All you had to do was contact Fiverr’s Customer Support and tell them that you have a buyer who is requesting for content that’s against the ToS (registering on adult sites) and that you would like to have the order canceled without it affecting your stats; Fiverr’s customer support would have obliged, and you wouldn’t have received the 1-star rating.

You NEEDED to have taken action before the order reached its deadline. Unfortunately, it is too late now. You cannot really do anything about it. You could, however, still contact customer support and report this buyer for soliciting services that are against Fiverr’s ToS. Hopefully, they will take action against the buyer. In addition, I’d suggest that you also block the buyer so that they cannot contact you/place an order with you in the future.

In the future, if you need any sort of assistance with your order, I’d suggest that you either contact Fiverr’s Customer Support or create a forum post seeking advice/help from forum members BEFORE the order reaches its deadline. Just pressing the report button is not going to help with order-related issues.

Good luck! :sunny:


You need to remove the name of the buyer’s country from your post.

“Be careful if making any post that may make users uncomfortable due the mention of specific cities/states/provinces/countries/continents/regions or ethnic groups”

The above is from the forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's


Evening, yes i agree 100% and i did indeed report the incident yet nothing happened about it… its important for you and the users of this community to understand the risks and know that something like this can happen.

this post is a last resort a at the end of the day we as sellers pay a large service fee and as a client to fiver would expect better responses or at least a notify from the system on a specific report.

It is not my responsibility to me to follow up with fiver, i have again sent a customer support message and flagged the order… im hoping for a speedy response this time :slight_smile:

this is true, thanks done.


Maybe this is a silly question, but can’t you just respond to the 1 star review on your gig to give your side, so potential buyers can understand the conflict. I am sure that if a buyer saw that you refused a gig because it was against fiver ToS and that was the reason for the 1 star, that they would then overlook that review…

@spartan480, there’s something I would appreciate if you could explain me because I’m a little lost here.

You say you got a 1* review from your buyer for not delivering the order. Nevertheless, the last review shown on your profile goes back to 10 months from date.

In that last review your buyer rated you 1* for delivering late and it came from the same buyer that had previously rated you 5*.


ye so basically the second time i actually looked at the domains needing renewal thats when i realized and wanted nothing to do with it… at first glance i didnt notice because it was partly in a different language as well…

I contacted support they responded and are looking into the matter :slight_smile: gave them al the details and screenshots etc… will also probably remove post once resolved.

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Ok, so you’re talking about that last review of 10 monts ago.

I don’t even know if CS would help you, it has been too long since the buyer rated you. Even though, I hope they can.

Good luck! and if you don’t mind, please keep us updated.