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The Journey

Thought I would share some things I have learned so far that might help…

Attractive images with your gigs get more hits. People are just more visual sometimes.

A well explained gig and description on what you need to do the job are important.

Don’t waste time arguing with anyone. If you can’t do the job, just cancel it and let it go.

There are millions of people out there to work for… do a good job, but you are not their personally slave.

Take time to breathe and catch up if you need to. There is nothing wrong with putting your status on vacation when you need a break.

Never do anything for a client that costs you money out of your pocket (just your time and the resources that you already have)

Best wishes everyone!


Agree and that’s how i work :)>-

Thanks for this. And about attractive imagery, isn’t that a subjective term? What makes an image attractive. Is there a certain technique to this?

For example, this image is one the representation of my responsive web design gig, is it attractive? if not why, if it is, why?

ALso try to upload videos for your gig
then it will help for a quick boost in terms of the promotions

Ma’am, you have shared some amazing tips. These will be extremely helpful to new freelancers on Fiverr.

Reply to @myresponsiveweb: that looks awesome to me!