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The Lack of Protection for Sellers

Fiverr is all well and good in their protection of the rights of the buyers and we should be all grateful for that. But recently I had a really bad experience with a “buyer” who decided he did not want the delivery after it was delivered. He decided, in fact, to keep the product (video) and keep his money, even though I worked for nearly a month on his project.
I am working towards becoming a top seller by the end of this year beginning of next, however, even though I was robbed by this so-called buyer it is me who gets punished for my order completion rate has fallen even though I finished the order but as the buyer says he does not want it anymore. He walked away with my video, which he advertises on his YouTube, FaceBook channel and my money for a delivered product.
My Order Completion Rate is now in the red for my potential clients to see, until I can make up for the thief who stole my work. For no reason at all 2 clients have lost interest in buying from me even though we were in final talks and they were ready to order. Could it be because of my completion rate is now in the red? I think so. So this so-called buyer not only robbed me of my hard work nearly a months worth but has also robbed me of future work until I get this mark removed.
Fiverr say they can do nothing to make the buyer pay for work rendered yet leaving it open for any buyer to come onto Fiverr and buy without paying walking away with the product and the money. If this had been any other type of street shop the police would be involved and the thief would be charged and arrested.
There is no protection on Fiverr for sellers, yet the buyer is protected, in that they have the right to take their cash and run! Stealing is going on and it is going on under Fiverr’s nose and they cannot or will not do anything about it.
There have to be protections for those who sell on Fiverr, if it was not for the seller there would not be buyers or the Fiverr platform.
Fiverr will not even remove the red marks against me even though it was the buyer who caused it, the buyer who now advertises my video on social networks and has my money, he can also celebrate the fact he caused me pain in that he can see the red mark against me…he must be laughing all the way to the bank.
We need some sort of protection, when we work we should expect to be paid, that is in everyone’s interest, also there should be a way that innocent seller should not be punished for the sins of a buyer!


Hi @stefos - I’m sorry this happened to you.

One reassurance for you is that only you can see your stats, not buyers. I know it looks like anyone can see them, but if you go to your profile in buyer mode, you won’t be able to see those stats.

I understand you’re not happy. That’s an awful thing to happen. But I wonder, did you agree to cancel the order, rather than take it up with CS first?


Me and the buyer came to agreement, it was Fiverr who said for us to do so. I like an idiot offered the buyer half the cash and to go our separate ways. After he accepted, noticed there was a very long delay in him paying the half, Fiverr had cancelled the order. He decided to run with the product and cash. Good to know that potential buyers will not see the red mark. Strange when I complained to Fiverr they did not mention this would not be seen.
I have worked bloody hard to get on my way to becoming a Top Seller then this happens not only robbed but also a slow down to reaching my goal!!
Thanks for the input


You know what? Never agree to cancel - particularly if you can prove you did the work. CS want you to come to an agreement. But they won’t agree to cancel if you keep pointing out you did the work.

Too late now, obv … but if something like this happens again … just say no.


Doing it that way keeps the order not delivered and that is a bad mark on the seller? However I have already decided that customer relations comes second to people who want to rob me and Fiverr and I am afraid Fiverr is not helping much. I got punished for delivering a poster of the video after the first upload, the buyer had in writing told me he did not want a FREE revision yet he kept pressing the revision button, so I sent him posters of the video, he requested the revision, I am guessing he reported me and I got a warning for uploading !!!

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Oh no - you just keep delivering the order. Even if it’s the same thing over and over again.


If he didn’t pay for the video the copyright should belong to you. If he is using it on YouTube etc. you could ask CS if it’s okay to report that content. Maybe also report the Fiverr user (edit: in a support ticket) if you can show he’s using it without owning the copyright and without purchasing it.


Its in the hands of Fiverr, but they informed me they cannot let me know what will happen to him if anything…I do not want to take legal action, which may occur if I put in a copyright take down notice on YouTube.
I am trying to get to be a top seller, then you gets these thieves trying to spoil it all!!!

I should be able to have some type of protection, but what do I do spend the rest of my life uploading a video for some guy who just keeps pressing the review button!!! Man the system is broken and Fiverr does not know how to fix it!
Message if you want to steal from people, don’t take the risk in the street, it’s against the law…but now online come to Fiverr and make thousands!!


If you can, use the milestones feature for future orders like that. I’m not sure if it’s been rolled out to all categories and it only currently applies to those >$100 (and maybe it’s only for offers/order from them) but they should allow more use of that (all categories, lower priced orders) so sellers would be less likely to be completely left without payment for something.


This feature was used the order was created using this feature in 2 half’s…get this the client accepted the first half, but when Fiverr cancelled the order that went under the bus. Like I say the criminal is laughing all the way to the bank!

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Hello, was the order cancelled by Paypal?

How did they get refunds? I’m hoping you don’t say you agreed to cancel.

Sounds like you made a mistake by letting him cancel. :roll_eyes:

You had control over if he got a refund; it sounds like you could have refused. Also, don’t use the feature where they can make payments on an order. This is too likely to happen.

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Sure I made mistakes, I was far to nice, I used to have a shop on the street, and nice was good. Here on Fiverr, nice gets you kicked in the teeth. No more!


You’re an established seller so you should stop doing that so called “The customer is always right” thing. :slight_smile:

I understand. If you should see a solution to also be protected sellers. which are the important ones since without the product that the vendor offers in his gigs buyers would not exist and the page would not be one of the best.

I agree with everything @misscrystal said.
You have control over cancellations if that’s not a charge back.

But to add on top of that: don’t worry so much about your trs badge. It might happen it might not. Reaching al requirements doesn’t mean that you will be chosen to be a trs (and this cancellation actually wouldn’t have any affect on it, trs sellers also have cancellations).
Some people stuck with 2 level for as long as this new system was rolled out


From now on, send your videos (not via ‘Deliver order’ button) with a water mark, big ugly water mark in the middle of the video, mentioning your name or whatever. Let them say that they liked the video and wish to have it without the water mark. Then you deliver that using the button.
Even after all that and they ask for cancellation, CS won’t agree.

Also, as others suggested, go to their YouTube channel and report the video.

Better luck next time.


Is that not against the TOS? Surely the final delivery has to be just that - their final video free of any watermark (except Fiverr’s)?

I can see exactly why you’re suggesting it, just not sure how it would work with CS if a buyer complained.

If you read my post carefully you’d notice that I said:

It can be like a preview of what the final delivery can be. Why would it be against TOS?
Don’t you send templates before the final delivery?


Ah got you - thank you for clarifying. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for that, I am sure you are right and I should stop concentrating on getting my badges.