The last gig I posted doesn't appear anywhere on search


Even if I search the title verbatim and browse every page of the search results, it just doesn’t show up in search. I’ve tried while signed in and out. What’s going on? The other two gigs I posted show up in search results. I had a lot of bugs when trying to create this gig in Firefox and had to complete it as a draft. What’s going on? Should I delete the gig and start over?


Please be patient. If your gig is new, it needs to be approved by Fiverr before it shows up in the search results. If approved, it will be listed in a few days.


Fiverr has developed a rotating system that changes the gigs that appear in the search results.

This was their exact response when I messaged Support:
Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us. We don’t guarantee where a gig will be found in search or category as these gigs are rotated all of the time. I have checked on your account and your Gigs are fine.

Note that our Search results are not static and they change all the time, and every user sees search differently. Keywords do not necessarily make the search accordingly, it only makes it easier for users to search for specific categories, and not the gigs.

I suggest you start using Facebook & Twitter to promote your gigs…This gives your gig enough social media signal and will definitely return it to where it was. Cheers! :wink:


Sometimes, it takes some time. And, you have no need to delete. :grinning:


I want to note that I posted the gig yesterday and It’s not publicly listed at all, even when browsing the category. So it’s not just about search ranking, it’s just not listed at all.

If I go to another browser and browse the category (illustration) and filter by:
Check - Portrait, - Realistic, - “show users online”.
I am only left with 5 gigs, and mine isn’t listed.

When I view statistics, there is no data available. But the listing I created 3 days ago had 4 views the day it was created, and 1 view the day after.

Hopefully it is just taking a long time to get approved and it will show up eventually, although I don’t remember this happening to the other two. Is there an amount of time to wait before assuming it is a bug and start over? I did check “limit orders in queue” in options when I posted, but I set limit orders in queue to be something like 15. I since unchecked that option in case it is causing a listing problem.


I answered your question in my previous post. Please reread what I wrote, and be patient.


I was clarifying the issue I had in response to the message RubyPixel received from support for her issue, which suggests it was as a result of a ranking algorithm where gigs are cycled through the search results, and not a listing or approval process. Perhaps I was not clear enough in my first post.

It seems like you are correct in assuming it is due to some kind of approval process. However, it is taking longer than the other two gigs I submitted, which appeared to be listed almost immediately. Now that I know Fiverr reviews new postings before approving their listing, I’m curious just how long it should take.

I know you said 2-3 days, is that normal based on other sellers experience here? Maybe it is longer in certain categories, as I said the other gigs were approved very fast, but were posted in different categories. If anyone has more experience to share on this and can go into more detail on the approval process, I would love to hear more input.

It also appears from reading another topic related to search, that making any edits to the gig can cause it to drop out of public listings until it is re-approved. Perhaps this could be part of my issue, where making minor changes has put it to the back of the approval queue. It is not necessarily as straight forward as a 2-3 day approval process, but without official clarification it’s difficult to determine how and when things are listed and what is responsible for the variability I’ve experienced in creating my last listing.


There is not set time. Generally, it takes as long as Fiverr need to review each gig. Please keep in mind, there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of new gigs being created every week. That it a lot of gigs to approve. If the process takes more than a few days, then perhaps contacting Customer Support and seeking clarification on the matter might be appropriate.

This is also correct. Gigs are approved after edits are made. The same process applies here as it does when the gig is brand new, and being approved for the first time.