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The #LATE counter is fundamentally flawed

So I’ve been watching something that has me a little disturbed. I have been getting a ton of work lately, and then it all dried up. Now, I understand things go in waves - but this just seems odd. This isn’t a post about that though - because there are thousands other like it. However, I’m wondering if what I’m about to post is related.

Let’s say a customer orders a Gig with a completion time of 1 day, or 3 days (doesn’t matter). I deliver the order within time. The buyer then listens and decides they want a change and sends it back for a revision. Unfortunately, the timer doesn’t start over, so more often than not the order comes back as #LATE - Delivering late orders will result in a 10% order reduction.

Well funny that… after a few of those #LATE orders, all of my orders have dried up. Yet, the #LATE wasn’t my fault. I delivered on time, the end user requested a change, fiverr decided it would keep counting and mark the order late even though the end user requested a modification at the 11th hour… sometimes literally AFTER the 11th hour.

Come on Fiverr – this is just bad.

That is annoying.

My very first buyer on here required several revisions on a difficult piece of work. Of course, that took an extra 4 days, meaning the order showed up as late on my dashboard every time it was sent back.

After the order was accepted, my Delivered on Time ratio was still 100%, so I think Fiverr doesn’t count modifications as late deliveries.

“Delivering late orders will result in a 10% order reduction.”

How do you know that? The amount of orders you get depends on how many people are finding what you do. Whether you’re late, early, rude, pleasant, is irrelevant. Of course, the more orders you deliver, the more powerful your gig becomes.

I do agree that being told you’re “late” when it’s the buyer’s fault for waiting too long to demand a modification is unfair. That should be fixed, every modification should set the timer back 24 hours. Some of these buyers are clueless, I had a guy request 4-6 letter brand names AFTER I delivered. He didn’t provide those instructions before. Luckily for me, he gave me 5-stars and I didn’t have to revise.

How do I know that? Because it says that right on the top of the sales management dashboard when the order displays as late.

Are you sure that orders are considered ‘‘late’’ in the case of a revision? I had the same problem, the counter showing #LATE after a customer asked for a revision 2 days after I delivered the order. But I look in the ‘‘manage sales’’ and it says ‘‘no late orders to show’’. So maybe it’s just a bug but it doesn’t count as a late order.

Delivering late orders doesn’t result in a 10% order fall. Don’t worry. That is just some ‘scare tactic’. It, basically, means that if you deliver late that person may not order from you again. However, since they actually know your reason for lateness (they wanted an edit), it isn’t too much of an issue.

I had a buyer order an extra after I delivered the order and then it said LATE in big red letters!

Now I have 99% on time in spite of one late delivery out of 400 orders–how is that 99%?

Is that recent? Someone ordered a 24hr gig tonight but I had to push the extras (10 words + $100 extra fast makes nobody happy). They accepted and now the gig–DESPITE the 24hr thing is reading 3 days.

I’d contact CS. I can even support you with evidence of the flip side of this potential glitch if it helps. If it’s recent mind, no point if it happened a year ago!

Don’t worry about that. There is no need to get in touch with customer support about it.

That little ‘counter’ only has an impact on the ‘time limit to deliver a gig’ on your gig page. If you have 99%, that counter isn’t going to change. No customers see it.

I had that happen and then figured out (on my own, CS didn’t help) that one of the extras was marked for 3 days. So check yours to make sure they all say 24 hours.

I did contact CS, no help with it, they said I just have to live with it and keep delivering on time (as if I don’t do that) and eventually it will go back to 100%.

That’s what they said, that it doesn’t effect anything. It just feels like every time I see it I’m being falsely accused of something. I’ve looked at that for over 3 years at 100%.

It should go back to 100% within 30-60 days (can’t remember how long it keeps a record for)

Mine is actually at 34% due to the upload issues I had a while back. Dreadfully annoying.

I’ve delivered it now, but I still have 2 days on the clock–if they want a mod I won’t have that ###LATE### bollocks to look at, which is nice. All of my extras have extra days, I think. It’s just a bit weird that if someone adds one on after the 24hr delivery prior to actual delivery that it’s added on the clock, if that makes sense?

I wasn’t recommending contacting CS to “fix” the issue, just notify them of a potential glitch. But I guess your fix works. Not that I’ll be using it lol. I am also at 99%–I delivered one order late a few weeks ago (less than 30 days though) with the buyer’s permission so I’m expecting it to go back to 100% soon. Shall I keep the thread updated with the thrilling news when it happens? Then we can learn if it’s 30/60 days.

I’m not boring at parties, promise.

Thanks to everyone who responded to comments here.

I think it would be best if countdown timer gets reset if a revision/modification is requested.