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The LEARN. FROM FIVERR course we've all been waiting for: "The Lifestyle of a Successful Freelancer" Woohoo!

Okay … that was clickbait, “The Lifestyle of a Successful Freelancer” is just one chapter of the amazingly free course

Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller

and they also made it the last chapter, so you’ll have to sit through all the other chapters and take all the quizzes to get there. Smart, eh? :wink:

But anyway, what’s that, I thought, when checking the learn section for new courses, a FREE Learn. From Fiverr course? Let’s click!

It’s pretty good for new freelancers/Fiverr sellers and maybe there’s a thing or two that might be good reminders (or a-ha moments :stuck_out_tongue: ) even for veterans.
And for the rest of us know-it-alls ;), there’s still the cited chapter … cause you surely want to find out what Fiverr thinks is “The Lifestyle of a Successful Freelancer” and come back to discuss it, right? :sunglasses:

“Aim high. And when you get there, aim higher.”


I was happy to see a free Learn course, too! And I took it.

I was disappointed because it’s more suitable for inexperienced sellers. It was all stuff I’ve learned as an experienced Fiverr seller.

I’d LOVE it if they have a more comprehensive course for experienced sellers. I’d actually pay for that.

You can tell them if you take the survey after the course, at least, I got asked to do one. There’s a free text field in the end.