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The lesson I learned the hard way- over and over again

Here is what happened to me on a few occasions… Might be an interesting read for new sellers here.

A buyer contacts me saying that he/she needs an article, he/she just saw my profile and good reviews and realized I’m the guy for the job BUT he/she is tight on budget and you know… not sure whether or not to hire me…

Then I reply my rates are not negotiable and make an honest offer to write the article and in case he/she don’t like it, I’ll publish it on my blog or use as a writing sample, no hard feelings. BUT if he/she likes it, we will close the deal at regular rates.

The buyer gladly accepts the deal with many many thanks. I write the article, the buyer likes and accepts it with many many thanks, I make a proposal (along with the lines we agreed to) and he/she never accepts it (or try to lower the price).

My point is: Never work for free! Never! Never! Never!

The feeling of being scammed while trying to help someone is just… there are no words to describe that feeling…

I know it’s my fault.

Note to new sellers: Don’t let this discourage you to work hard and prove yourself as a reliable, high-quality seller, the Fiverr will bring much more joy than bitterness to your freelancing adventures.


I faced something similar today.

I said to the buyer I would send him a free sample (not the final work) to show how it would look.

But he keep asking for the final work, only after sending the final files, he would place the order.

It was only $10 service, but I prefer not earning this than risking to give for free.

PS: he was a top buyer.

SO, you can work samples, to give an idea about your service, but NEVER deliver the final files before the order is placed.


Well, to a certain extent, I understand Fiverr policy on this- they are here to make buyers happy, not sellers. But it can be frustrating how hard it is to protect ourselves from evil buyers.

As it pertains to voice over, I always offer to do a custom read of a few lines of their script, but not the entire thing. Those who come back and say, “hey, you only read two sentences” get the “ok, move along” response. I say it nicely though.


Agree with this :+1::+1::+1:

A buyer contacted me yesterday and insisted me to provide an extra which its price is half of the total cost.

At the end, he just refused to be charged for an extra and tried so hard to make me change my mind.

I told him that i’m offering a premium service, not freemium.

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I agree with not working for free. Buyers can at least pay for a sample of your work, if the gig video, gig samples and reviews aren’t enough to convince them you know what you’re doing. But even having the buyer pay for a sample can backfire(low review because they couldn’t get what they want, cancellations after they receive the goods. It really just depends on who you are dealing with on the other end.

At all cost, you shouldn’t feel pressured to work for free or lower your prices. No matter how much the buyers says they like your work. If they truly appreciate what you do they will pay your price. Then it’s up to us as sellers to deliver above and beyond their expectations.

I’m speaking from a buyer and seller perspective, as I do both on the platform.