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The Life and struggles of a Newbie on fiverr


Hello Friends,

I’m new in fiverr to be exact about 2 weeks old and I would like to connect with the rest of you all on how your experiences have been and how you got your first order :slight_smile: what can one possibly do to make a sale?

I have tried everything, talked about my gig on blogs, on forums, on all my social media platforms but nothing seems to be working.

I created a unique gig that can stand out by offering up to 4 times for $5 what my peers offer I know if buyers get to see my gig it will do very well. I think fiverr should have an opportunity to look at some of the newbies gigs and feature them as normally they will never get a chance to be seen as we remain at the bottom however much you optimize the gig or the key words.

my gig is



May I suggest this from a top-rated seller I spoke with once: Can you encourage a friend or family member to order a gig from you? And if they take the bait (hopefully) have the person leave a nice, detailed review. Yes, when one is in the “beginner’s condition” it’s harder because without some kind of reviewed evidence, buyers do not know what to expect. Sending you my good wishes…Jennifer


Maybe you should not misleading titles. Obviously your basic gig only offer 4k views for 5$ and not 12k.


Kindly use all the Keywords you can use 5.


Don’t use misleading titles.


It can take time. I didn’t get my first order until I’d been here a couple of weeks, and it didn’t really start to take off until I became a level 1 seller about 5 months later. My tactic was offering more than other sellers, offering super quick turnaround (I had a 1 day estimate on almost everything, which I could handle because I was getting so few orders), and responding to inquiries fast (which kept my response time at 2-3 hours). Eventually I started getting attention and getting good reviews, which was the real turning point for me.



Try to keep your gig title small and sometime it takes months for 1st order to come.




thanks guys for all your feedback was so helpful