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The limit of 'artistic expression'

(trigger warning - writing about potential r*pe/non-consensual content (under hypnotism)

So, here I am again - but I am genuinely curious about something. I have a horror-writing gig that is currently promoted (yay). I used to get the odd request that was more ‘kinky’ than scary but it’s been a while. Today I was contacted by someone who wanted a story about a woman hypnotizing a guy - and then making him do, well x-rated thigs (under her control, I’d suppose.) I do realise that such things ARE written - but I personally disagree with it (ESPECIALLY ON A PLATFOR that’s only +13. I reported the message that asked me ‘would you do this to a guy?’ which was really what set me off and responded back (not overly rudely, just stating that I do not write r*pe / non-con for ethical reasons. Now, knowing that fiverr seems to not care much about reports in BR, am I just exaggerating (again?)
This WAS in DM and to me it’s over the limit of what I consider to be OK (hypnotism is an interesting thing to talk about in a horror context but… there’s horror and then yeah.) The buyer actually apologised when I blocked them (I still saw the message) and now my anxious heart is having me feel like I was just… too touchy about this. I do know that it’s a source of trauma for many people, so I wouldn’t want something like this on the platform but… )
I know deep down I was not - it’s not appropriate) but still, how far is just 'artistic expression when writing such things? What is the limit?
(sorry for the messy post, I’m a bit shaken-up… )


I would have turned that job down.

I’ve written some “borderline” content but in recent years have chosen to just pass on that kind of work.

It just isn’t worth it to me to go to those places.

I’d rather write product descriptions or blogs for business websites.

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As you may remember we had threads in which we were surprised to discover that CS confirmed multiple times how full-on erotic content is allowed, but only in writing!
I am just as confused as you are even when re-reading the ToS paragraph on it now, which does indeed leave it in a grey area. Visual arts and the remaining ones on Fiverr can only go so far with the artistic nudity licence.
However, those fantasies your non-prospective buyer had probably do not fall under any sort of protective umbrella here. Very much NSFW as it is paraphilic content and would be listed as “Inappropriate/Obscene” as per ToS.

Honestly, I just don’t quite understand how this did not get flagged (once I was detailing a scene to an artist where someone just dies ha) and that got flagged in the messaging system, but not this. I feel like fiverr is very vague about these things and people interpret rules in many ways - which (for me at least) isa bit of an issue. I do believe (based on the conversation, now I wish I’ve screenshotted it) that it was for… different purposes. I don’t think I’d have reported the person if they didn’t ask me if ‘I would do it’ - but it was a bit too much (and foolishly, I did say ‘I’d be curious about it’ at first as they weren’t 100% clear that it was going to be well…yeah. Part of me just knows that there are sellers saying ‘I will write any erotic content you want’ which would (I guess) classify this ‘OK’ in this book.

Ah I can’t write blogs (I have tried and failed many times) which is partially why I only dabble in fiction. I do get quite a few ‘odd’ requests but I think this one is definitely the cream of the crop. I agree that it’s not worth it (nor the fuss, really) but I’ll never quite understand how people even order / inquire about this (on non erotica / etc. gigs)



As a blog writer I learned in a hurry that there is a website out there (okay, more like several) that cover every single niche you can imagine.

And there is no boundaries as to what those are.

It’s both fascinating and a bit scary…lol

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True, there are types of websites or app or such where one can find very disturbing, sadistic (or whatever you name it) things. What is more important is that you kept your conscience in check., considering age limits. some would definitely do it for the money.

Hmm, but again - the people who write there consent to writing it (as twisted as this is, they do). I personally feel like requesting for such things on a freelance platform (on a different gig) is a bit… questionable. But it’s mad that everything exists online now…

There was a recent thread in regards to adult written content gigs and if they violated ToS, and it was determined (at least for that seller) that it was acceptable from CS.

Something not violating platform ToS is not the same as something you are personally comfortable working on or producing. If you are uncomfortable with such subject material, it is still absolutely your prerogative if you want to turn down such an order, but be prepared for the hit in your analytics if it requires cancelling orders.

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I feel like those two are different things - tasteful erotica written into a book (or novella) and non-consensual *** are vastly different. I don’t think CS will do much (to be fair) but I don’t understand how such things can be considered OK on this platform. No orders were made so my rate won’t suffer but I have reported the person before blocking them so I’ll see. (If anything trust and safety can check out his request and see if they allow it or not.)

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…and this violates ToS. CS wouldn’t fret to question whether it fits or not under the “obscene” category, because it clearly does, it isn’t just something up to her discretion at all.


(Also it was a request for fetish material disguised as plain horror fiction in case anyone here is really naive… it’s not like writing an article about assault… just putting it down).

@katakatica tell us what’s happened to the buyer’s account in a few days/a week from this.

The issue is “obscene” is subjective, and so is Fiverr’s enforcement against adult content. One person’s obscene is another person’s mundane, but this wishy-washy grey area of adult/erotic/explicit/obscene content would be far less of an issue if the ToS was enforced more strictly and evenly.

-Please note that I am not trying to defend or support in any way this buyer’s request.

The guy is just a psychopathe… Ah.

Unfortunately in my triggerred state I deleted the convo (after blocking the buyer), I should have kept an eye on them but I was worried about getting an order from them (although they did apologise but…)
Yes. That’s what it was. I wasn’t keen on writing it down but it did seem like that (especially with the personal question at the end). I do suspect it is the same person that pops up in BR with strange requests all the time (but I have no proof).
But I do have to agree with fiverr might not do anything about it. I’ll keep an eye out (If I manage to unblock them or something) but quite frankly I do hope they’ll at least get a temporary ban.

Yeah. That’s probably the best way to put it to be honest.