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The little green dot next to my avatar

This isn’t really a discussion but rather a question. However I’m not sure where to post this so I’ll try here… At the top of any page (as long as I’ logged in) is my tiny avatar and as of late it has a little green dot next to it. And some times that green dot turns gray. Does anyone know what this means?

It indicates that you’re online. I’m not sure why it would be grey, but I’m assuming this might be when you’re logged in but not clicking around the site.

Hope that helps!

It turns grey because your browser doesn’t continuously check the server to refresh the page showing you are online. Rather it uses what’s in your own cache. You can usually bring it back to green by refreshing the page(F5). Sometimes you need to do it more than once. On some browsers you can force a refresh with CTRL+F5.

It’s not really a reliable feature.

I don’t think the mobile version has this problem.