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The Live Cyax Rex Mind Over Matter Experiment: Take Part Now!

Ok, here’s the deal. It’s peeing down with rain and I am out of coffee and chicken wings which I and my dog need to live.

I’ve been up all night and I can’t take a break as usually when it rains I get flooded and lose power. In this case, I need to barrel through for the next 5 hours at least but to do that I need a 20 minute break to get to the nearest shop and stock up on supplies.

Now, I am a firm believer in both mind over matter and the collective human psyche. In this case, if you are reading this, I invite you to try and change the weather with me. All you need to do is stop what you are doing and mentally repeat that you want the sun to come out for 20 minutes asap at these coordinates: 36.0443° N, 14.2512° E.

Take part now!


II did it.:crystal_ball: :sunny:


The rain has now stopped. You’re welcome. :wink:

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Yeah… It actually has…

Now to run. :slight_smile:

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Boy am I good! (I wonder if there’s a market for “make it stop raining” services?) :wink:

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Right, crisis averted. We’re back and all stocked up. Also, for the sake of transparency, the sun itself didn’t come out and there was still light drizzle to start with. The journey, however, did not result in a soaking and the timing was perfect as the heavy drops were starting again as we got back.

Thank you @fonthaunt and @jonbaas!


@jonbaas. Ahem… WE are good. Without me it just wouldn’t have worked. A team gig,perhaps… :wink:


Ah, yes, 'tis true. It was indeed a team effort. I stand corrected. :wink: