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The Logo I Just Paid For is Blurry!

I just used the Logo Maker on Fiverr so I could get my logo tonight. $27 and it is blurry! And very small. What can be done about this?

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What format is your logo in?

… I can make you one free of charge

Just tell me how you want it and ill do it

Hi. I have no clue. I received a zip folder and extracted an original, transparent, and grayscale one. All I know is how to upload.

That’s nice of you to offer. Is it OK to post my site so you can see what I had? It’s still up. It’s blurry and it’s as large as I could get it on the Shopify site. I’m still working on it.

Ok that will work, just tell me the website

Read the properties of the files (as in, Right Click > Properties on Windows for example): how large are they?
I’m talking about resolution, the number in pixels by pixels. Any could be gigantic but blurry because your PC is slow to load them, or they could all be really small like you’re saying.

it was quite bad, it was 359 by 142

Do you know the font he used?

I don’t. I’m sorry I’m not much help. It as made rather quickly. I was thinking it was computer generated quickly, but I barely caught the name “kate …” LONG name. Too long to have memorized it and I’m an old mail lady. lol

Lol it’s all good, I just need the font to make the text higher quality, I might be able to find it tho!

So now that you saw my site and what I sell, what do you think you could come up with and what would you charge? It’s all about rustic log cabin life and natural jute rugs and accessories. I can’t afford a lot after throwing that away tonight, but I don’t expect anyone to do anything for free. Just let me know.

I appreciate you and your willingness to help!

Wowowow, first of all, ask for a revision (IF the logo files are all terribly small, meaning the seller may have made a mistake). You paid 27$ for that!

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There’s also a possibility that one of those files you have is in vector format (basically meaning you can make it any size) and the designer you hired just didn’t take into account that not every client has tools and knowledge to use it.
I would try asking them for assistance.

I was using what I thought was a computer generated logo maker with me inputting the specifics. How do I ask for a revision to that?

So sorry for the wait, I’m trying to find the font

This is where I went and what I used to make the logo. It wasn’t working one-on-one with a designer. Wish I had now.

Ah, I didn’t know there was a Fiverr logo maker…
Just checked it and it’s better if I zip my mouth about it.

Can you go back to the download page then? Or at this point, ask support, they will surely help you. I thought you were working with another person at first.

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