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The Logo I Just Paid For is Blurry!

Ah, I keep forgetting logo maker exists. Then I’m 99% certain one of the files must be vector. Could you upload the files you got to dropbox/googledrive/anything else? If you can, I could convert it to a rasterized image of higher resolution.

I appreciate your wanting to help. I couldn’t find where to contact anyone from Fiverr, that’s why I posted here. I’ll look around more. Thanks again. : )

Hey i found the font, it was courgette:

I have been using a site to convert images for my site since some of them are not JPEG. Forgive me, but I’m an old grandma and just am not “up” on this tech stuff. I probably can do more than most, but have no idea what it’s called. lol. Here’s the site I use. How would I know which one is a Vector? All I know is I had a zip file with a gray scale logo, a transparent, and the “original” logo and I wanted to use the transparent one.

The file endings, here is an example: File.png or File.jpg

I don’t see it blurry. It looks pretty clean on your website.

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Yeah thats true for a phone or smaller device, but on a higher res device like a computer its kinda blurry

JPEG/JPGs are small, but lossy in quality.
PNGs are usually transparent and of very high quality as they are “lossless” due to their compression type.
Popular vector files are SVGs and AIs (could also be EPS, more rarely inside a PDF).

Ozark When you are ready I will message you the logo!