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The low down on promoted gigs

Fiverr Promoted Gigs are a new way to get business by paying to have your Gigs appear at the top of category listings in the Fiverr marketplace. Read on for some commonly asked questions about Promoted Gigs.
Who can use Promoted Gigs?
Promoted Gigs are currently in Beta. It will eventually be rolled out to the Fiverr community at large.

What Gigs can be Promoted Gigs?
During Beta testing, for those who decide to participate, Fiverr will select the Gigs that can be Promoted Gigs. This is so that we can collect data that will help us develop this feature and ensure that sellers are getting the most out of this new form of promotion. In the future, you will be able to select the Gigs you want listed as Promoted Gigs.
How much do Promoted Gigs cost?
You select a budget to determine how much you want to invest. You can choose different percentage levels (e.g. 10%, 15%) of the total Gig cost after it is purchased to invest in your ad spend.You only pay the fee when your Promoted Gig is purchased, so you’re guaranteed to get a return on your investment (meaning that the money you invest is guaranteed to raise your profits).

It is not pay-per-click. You aren’t charged for the clicks that your Gig gets, only for purchased Gigs. So you’re never losing money because you’re only paying for business you receive. (Please note that the percentage you invest for promoted Gigs will be taken from the total value of the Gig before Fiverr’s 20% commission is calculated).
How do I determine the amount to invest in each Promoted Gig?
The percentage you set will in part determine where your Promoted Gig appears in search results and in category listings. The higher the budget, the higher the likelihood that your Promoted Gig will be one of the top ones featured.
Why should I use Promoted Gigs when I’m already optimizing my Gigs?
Gig optimization through SEO and social media marketing are important and useful best practices. However, it can take a lot of effort to optimize your Gigs, so Promoted Gigs can be a way to improve the visibility of your Gig without devoting too much time to promotion. Your Gig’s natural rankings don’t affect the placement of your Promoted Gigs. Promoted Gigs also allow your Gigs to appear in more places on Fiverr. At the same time, you might not see an increase in orders for Gigs that are already appearing toward the top of major keyword search results and category listings. But for new Gigs that you are launching, or for Gigs in popular categories, Promoted Gigs can help increase your Gigs’ visibility.
What does a Promoted Gig look like?
Promoted Gigs look the same as regular Gigs except for a small, grey icon that reads “Ad” in the upper left-hand corner of the Gig.
Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.17.11 AM

Why do you label Promoted Gigs as “Ads”?
Promoted Gigs appear with a little “Ad” icon to inform buyers that a seller is using a paid listing to get their Gig placed in a prominent location on Fiverr. We want to be up front with buyers about how Gigs were matched to their queries.
Where will my Promoted Gigs appear?
Promoted Gigs appear in the first line of listings and search results, with the only distinguishing feature being the “Ad” icon.
Can my Promoted Gig appear if my regular Gig already appears in search results?
Yes, your Promoted Gig can appear even if your regular Gig appears within search results. Note, you will pay commission only if the purchase was made from a click on your promoted Gig.

Do your Gig’s natural rankings affect your Promoted Gigs?
A Promoted Gig’s placement is not determined or affected by your Gig’s natural ranking in search results and category listings.
How do you launch a Promoted Gig campaign?
For those of you who have been selected to participate,you have the option to enable it whenever you like. Launching a Promoted Gig campaign is easy:

  1. Top sellers who are offered to participate in the Promoted Gigs beta will receive notification. You simply enable the function when prompted (and you can always turn it off if you choose).
  2. Choose your commission fee, which you only pay on orders you receive.
  3. That’s it, you’re done! Sit back, relax and monitor your earnings.
    How do I know what commission rate to select?
    The placement of your Promoted Gig is heavily influenced by the commission fee you select. You’re competing with others participating in Promoted Gigs, so you want to choose a competitive rate to increase the chances that your Promoted Gig will appear and appear toward the top of results. Remember that you’re only paying for your Promoted Gig when a buyer purchases your Gig.
    If a seller sets the highest commission fee for a Promoted Gig, does it automatically always appear?
    Your commission fee is one of the main factors that is considered in the placement and ranking of your Promoted Gig. Relevance to a search query, popularity and a Gig’s rating are some of the other variable taken into account.
    How do I edit or change a Promoted Gig campaign?
    Changes to your original Gig will automatically update your Promoted Gig.
    Can I edit just my Promoted Gigs?
    At this time you can’t change the appearance or content of your Promoted Gig without changing your original Gig.
    Can I stop my Promoted Gig campaign?
    Yes, you can opt out of Promoted Gigs at any time.
    What is attribution and how does it work?
    Attribution defines how long after clicking on the ad a purchase is credited to the ad. We attribute sales to the ad up to 7 days after a prospective buyer clicks it. This is a standard practice that other online platforms use in sponsored ad programs.
    It will include any custom offer or order you’re going to provide the buyer.

If I want to promote my gig?


This post is from 2016 and this is no longer available.