The Magic of Fiverr Strikes Yet Again


I cancelled this order, obviously. Note that this was placed back in July, and activated today. But not for long.

I have directed this person to CS as… eh. Just look at the images. You just know this gig would be a disaster from start to finish. But who is at fault here? I’m not quite sure.

This complaint could be true, as all I got was a couple of PNG logo files with no accompanying text. Additionally, we’ve all experienced the magic of disappearing inbox messages, haven’t we? Not to mention the now almost daily buyer complaints about payment processing.

So, that was a nice bit of fun I had today. I just love looking at my new cancellation stats despite having done nothing wrong! I love seeing that 97% of top sellers in my category have less shit cancellation rates than me, as if it’s all my fault!

The magic of Fiverr, indeed.


The complaint could be true, but waiting from July and not trying to do something sooner is ridiculous.


I’m surprised they even remembered that they had $5 in Fiverr limbo. I did direct them to CS and with some explaining about how Fiverr works, because I are profeshunals. But will they come back with $100+ for that 24hr delivery? Even after I explained how if the messages are wonky you can attach a file with the brief in it?

I somehow doubt it. So yeah, lot of time wasted for nothing, really, and a new shitter cancellation rate. And it’s Sunday, for the love of God!


They finally got some free time… And remembered that there was something they were supposed to do ages ago.

Or something.


It has been an eventful half-year. Obama has left office to be replaced with [Unmentionable]. A new year has come and gone. A dam was going to go nuts in California, but then didn’t. Skeletons with cameras were found in wells. Brexit hasn’t gone anywhere. Everyone got angry about lots of different things, including telling anyone who thought differently to them that they were fake news.

It’s all very distracting. I can understand forgetting important work when the news is constantly barraging you with doom, gloom and token cute animal stories. And then… the icing on the cake. The straw that broke this camel’s back: Fiverr’s bloody messaging won’t work–and the seller is obviously BLOCKING me somehow!


Let’s hope for a positive outcome this year.


“Recent Delivery: 35 minutes” (from your profile)

Don’t you love Sundays? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I made a nice little $105 delivery myself today :slight_smile: Oh that was yesterday. Forgot.


I’ve forgotten what lazy Sundays are. The machine demands I work!


I did 6000 words so far this Sunday, 2000 more left, will do 1000 more and finish off.


Duration 231 days unless they pay $100?


Lol. MUST WORK SUNDAYS. (well technically I have to as I got a nice 24 hour rush order yesterday)