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The main problems of buyers

All the time, they wants sample. And yesterday someone (top rated buyer) proposed me that he will teach me English because I am not Native. And for this reason I must help . I must do SEO to his website. But I ignored it. Its one kind of cheating and another technique to get a free work .Sometimes they wants work sample that i can do it or not . Its also cheating.
So be aware of this type of buyer . And never do this type of free work.

I always avoid this type of buyer , what will you do ?

I usually tell these type of buyers, that there is a difference between free work and sample work, if they want to see my sample work then i have no problem, but there is no such thing as free work when you have given them the proper details and quotation of the job plus you have ratings on your profile to represent your credibility and also when you have defined every thing in the gig description. So i offer no such service as’ free work’ because every minute matters when you are doing business however i do not charge anything if a client is not satisfied with my work.

I just tell them they’ve been reported to Customer Support. Sorts the men out from the boys…

This isn’t a site for barter and a top rated buyer should know it. Free samples (not free work) is another thing. Some sellers are comfortable with it. Some aren’t. I sometimes provide samples of my work (only for some gigs) but I do have a HUGE watermark on it so it is impossible for them to use it in any way.

Buyers aren’t completely wrong when they ask for samples. What kind of samples you should provide depends on you. I generally only provide them for projects that are large with respect to the time, effort and the amount involved. Whether to provide free samples or not is an individual choice. But I will add that a few buyers have ordered some pretty large projects from me after asking for samples in advance. Some buyers are generous enough to pay even for the samples.

I would steer clear of a buyer if he’s asking me to trade services for services.

If they really want to got free work then tell them I can’t do it or say them I am not avaialble for tit or if thay want to see your sample then surly you should to give them your sample for check out your job.If they use bad behave with you then contact to support aginst them

I just wanted to tell you that I often see your comments in this forum and your responses always make me smile and laugh! So, thanks for that :slight_smile:

Thanks @dijatul

What about the Live Portfolio? Isn’t that where they can view samples of the Seller’s work?

At times it can be difficult for people to understand whether a particular style or design would work for them or not. They want to SEE their own artwork in there. Live portfolio is helpful to understand the overall capabilities of a seller but it isn’t a representation for design that is customised for the particular client. Also in my case, the videos exceed the max upload limit of Fiverr all the time and thus I don’t have a live portfolio since I send the files via dropbox.

@emmaki is actually not even a real seller. Fiverr found her wandering around so they hired her to write this stuff on the forum.

Obviously, just kidding! Feisty forum admin today - can’t be helped! :smiley:

How could you get me so wrong? I’m clearly a figment of your collective imagination. Which reminds me, I have to deal with another crappy seller now. Got an elderly biz idea off reddit (/r/entrepreneuridalong or something like that from memory–basically, cleaning biz without having to do the dirty work–original guy was massively successful and generously outlined the entire process–it’s well worth a read for insight in starting an online biz for IRL services) but wants me to write a unique tagline. Dude. You’re a middleman who gets cleaners and homeowners together. You tagline doesn’t need to be unique. It needs to be “clean”.

Ugh. Of course he’s seen taking the work out of housework tagline before. It’s cute. The worst thing is if I really did get UNIQUE he’d hate it, because it would involve a super-obscure reference. Dude, you’re farming out cleaners. Just get a tagline that makes it sound less capitalist than it really is. Christ. This guy’s a bandwagon-humper (not a typo) who take an old idea, makes no contribution, and expects the graft of others to make him a fortune.

His business is going to fail, no matter how hard he rides me for his idiotic unique tagline. We clean, you lean? Bet you that’s too vague and “I am paying you for 10 words, not 4”.

This is why I do not work at this time of night. I’ve had enough of marketing BS!

If you want to improve your English, start with something easy like cartoons. I recommend Mad Magazine, Archie, Betty & Veronica, simple stuff that will give you the language English speakers use everyday. Then you can progress to literature, but concentrate on contemporary authors. I love Ayn Rand, but nobody says “bromide” anymore. If you have a Kindle, it’s a fabulous resource since you can highlight words and see the definition. You can also sign up for Kindle Unlimited and read a ton of books for free, for just $9.99 a month.

Good you ignored it… Sometimes i get requests from fellow sellers who want a demo Voice over to be recorded so that they can share it with their client…(mostly explainer video makers)

Earlier when i was new on Fiverr i did some but soon i realised that they are just cheating and now when whenever i get a Request for an Indian Accent voice over in my voice i ask them to place an order for a single Gig …
its as simple as that … Do you think iam doing wrong by being blunt ?

These buyers who try to get something for nothing should either be reported or simply ignored.

@czechyourself I am agree with you .

They wants not my works sample, they gave me their work and ask me to do it. They wants to see first . Why should I give them this types of works sample. ?

Thank you . I am exactly doing as you gave me the suggestions. But its really tough to keep practicing on my own. But I am trying. Thanks

You are most welcome

No, they dont want to see my own work. They always give me their works and ask me to do it. Because they wants to see first . This is one kind of cheating.

Yes its also helpful discussion for me, Thanks