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The Main reason of you for being in Fiverr..?


Plz share your thoughts genuinely…buddies…


Hmmmm… good question that has been asked before, but worth an answer again. For me, it is allowed me a place to “unwind” and just get some quick work to fill in down time for me and my team. It also provides a place to meet like-minded business folks and have a sense of community.


I’m able to create 5 page basic html website within 1 hours. So I post a gig regarding my web development skill to fiverr… because $4 (fiverr charge $1) per hours is not bad deal for me.


Reply to @glowindia: Cool…buddy cheers…


Reply to @madmoo: I hope it would become My main source of income too…


Reply to @lparziale: It is definitely a good place to build business relationships…


Joined to earn with no professional skills and now on level 2 :slight_smile: My services not fully professional but worthy.


It really helps me with my creative juices on writing my own stories personally and I can do a few other things just to help make some spare change to spend on friends and myself.


Reply to @dins_cool: Yes I am glad to see you in here seeking advice and then actually implementing what folks have been saying. Very smart and it will pay off for you!


Reply to @lparziale: So kind of you…

There is nothing wrong in learning from our elders…

But now-a-days people refuse to do such things…

Bot I’m not…


Reply to @dins_cool: Well, I find that I learn just as much from those I help. There is always something to learn from everyone we meet. Being open to it is the key!!


To keep me designing and meeting new people :slight_smile:


Reply to @lparziale: Words of Experience…right…???

i will get that experience too…


I have two reasons to be on Fiverr, one is to help people start their family trees and gain knowledge about who and where they come from and also to balance out the financial deficit I am running into on a monthly basis (plus save for closing costs for my new home)