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The main thing is to be happy. And what ever happens was from GOD


You must be joking. Why would anyone bring that up?

However, if God makes you happy, be happy but you have to accept the fact that God may not be a part of other people’s lives and that’s OK.


Go celticmoon!!

Faith is a personal thing. The OP should keep it personal.

@zeus77 I think there must be a GOD of the shift key too, it seems impossible to write the word in lower case :wink:


Jehebuzeus, could you, even if you tried be more full of yourself


Reply to @abigailsmycken: This post wasn’t a discrimination to anyone. Why not have something new instead of: “Fiverr’s down”, “Fiverr this”… “that” etc.?

The point of sharing thoughts is all about learning and growing…


Reply to @thecreativeguys: Nhaaa it´s just good fun to say that people who do not believe in a sky daddy, have no morals, it´s all good.


Reply to @jezper: This is just an ametuer comment…

Your saying values don’t come from the creator of the world?


Reply to @thecreativeguys: There’s kind of a discriminating vibe about it. You were very clear in your views against gay rights (human rights actually!).You didn’t open any dialogue with this thread, you made a statement and then closed dialogue with everyone who tried to challenge your views.

You’re the one not learning and growing mate! This is an international forum, there are people from every cultural background possible here, and you expected everyone to share your views and praise you for your “enlightenment”?!


  • not everybody in the world believes in God, which is actually quite fair since there is no scientific evidence to support it;
  • not everybody in the world has the same Religion, if you study religion a bit you’ll see why there’s different faiths and different Gods;
  • there isn’t a single person in this world needing a book to help them distinguish right from wrong. It’s common sense!
  • Take a look at some statistics and you might find that the less religious countries are almost always the ones with less crime. (Isn’t that shocking?!)

    It doesn’t really matter if you are religious or not, not in this forum at least. If religion does something great for you, gives you comfort or whatever, awesome! It doesn’t mean it will do the same for everyone else and you shouldn’t try to persuade people to see the world through your eyes, but you should be open to see the world through everybody else’s.


Reply to @designmytype: Not to mention there are gay people on Fiverr. I’ve seen religion being used to justify racism. But as you may notice, it is no longer in “fashion” to be openly racist. I guess “gay” is the new “black”. It’s the same DISGUSTING discriminating behaviour. I don’t care to change anyone’s beliefs. I couldn’t possibly force someone to. However, I will stand up for equal rights where I see fit.

So @thecreativeguys, keep your religious views to yourself. They DO NOT belong in the forum. The moral superiority that you thought they afford you turned out to be false.


Reply to @cheezees: Thanks for your contribution