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The Main things before you place an order on fiverr!

first of all you should know about the seller work and their skills for the particular work or work experience before place the order, Because your job quality or concept is totally depend on his/her thought and experience of work.and if you have any problem you should ask about it. If he/she experience person for the specific job he/she can do better job for you and your organization.

And some buyers forget to accept the gig requirements after place the order,So Don’t forget it,otherwise your order’ll late and sometimes sellers trying to cancel those orders and refund.

After deliver your order you can check it out within three days before completed and you can get your revision time for 100% satisfaction.If you like you can leave your review,but don’t forget the is the seller’s future reference.

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In addition, following are 2 most important points to consider:

  1. Check sellers availability by contacting them to avoid order cancellation and wasting important time for urgent tasks
  2. Clarify requirements with sellers before ordering gig to avoid work misunderstandings

People are always booking my gig before checking in. I hate it!

Great advice!

Thank you!!!


Interesting about buyers getting to check out our order within three days…as you said. I just paid for the ‘top service’ of a Fiverr to do a logo. His offer promised ‘unlimited revisions’ after two revisions I wanted one item a little larger in the logo. He said I should get another graphics person to do it. Never even offered to make the third revision.

And now, I’ve contacted another graphics fiverr to pay them for making the change and my original seller will not send the logo files to her. He says he’s already sent files to me. But I never received them. All I have is a link. My original seller promised to send the files to my new Fiverr graphics person yesterday, but both of us are still waiting for them.

What should I do?
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I think you should consult Customer Support.

correct if you haven’t a satisfied answer/any action you must contact the fiverr customer support.100% surely they help you.if you have any problem contact me again.

I will keep that in mind. I am thinking about placing a few orders.

Exactly :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am new here and want to place an order, so appreciate the tips

You can place an order now without any problem.I think you could to get a clear idea that how to place an order.

What is the original seller’s id?

please you order now

Editing gigs after Receiving level one 4 NEW
Attention please expert seller, I have joined fiverr about 1 years ago. I gave 3 gigs. Now I am…razzak

Begging for sales on the forums is not a good business model.