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The Mandela Effect - A Spooky/Paranormal/For fun Thread

Just to put it out there, I am perfectly fine with being ridiculed for this but I don’t care. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to try and take a sledgehammer to the downtrodden mood of Fiverr/the forum/the economy/the world in general at the moment?

Anyway, to cut straight to the point, I am sure (since it is a bit of an Internet phenomenon) that a lot of people will already be familiar with the Mandela Effect. If not, a brief summary is that a lot of people around the world seem to have memories of an alternate Earth timeline than that in the history books.

Some people remember the wicked witch in Snow White saying “Mirror Mirror on the wall,” in a famous scene from the 1930’s movie. The problem is, the real line is “Magic mirror on the wall.” That said, if you need more info, Google it. I don’t want to talk about what it is, I want to ask if anyone here considers themselves affected.

Now, I heard about the Mandela Effect in 2015 but didn’t give it much thought. Recently, however, it has started to really bug me. This because at present, there are a couple of huge discrepancies in my memory of recent events which I simply can’t explain.

To demonstrate, months ago now, I was chatting with another Fiverr user about potential places to live in Europe and this user mentioned a place called the Azores islands in Portugal. Never having heard of these previously, I did a Google search and I was impressed.

The Azores are beautiful. There was just one problem. In the brief research which I undertook at the time, it turned out that the Azores were way out of my price league. They were a tax haven, superyacht mooring sanctuary, and the main port city of San Miguel was a gleaming modern metropolis with a big fat casino to boot. This being the case, I decided that I must be a pauper compared to the Fiverr user I was chatting with, and put the Azores on my ‘to do with the Bitcoin money at 50’ bucket list.

And then something mad happened.

A few weeks later I was hired to write about the Azores. When I went to, however, I found that the islands were completely different from a socioeconomic point of view, from those which I had initially researched. This is because the Azores (in this reality) are pretty much a far-flung (yet still very beautiful) group of islands, which get by on farming and where average wages top just $700 a month.- No super yachts, no casinos. Just cows and pretty Spanish colonial buildings.

Now clearly, I may have simply Googled the wrong islands the first time around. I’m 100% sure I didn’t, but I will accept this as a logical alternative to their being a hiccup in my personal space-time continuum.

But then things got even madder.

After a day in the city just after new year, I retired to my local bar with my friend Manuel. Unlike most days, though, the place was packed with people and everyone there was glued to the 90’s portable TV above the bar, fixated on the news.

Air Malta, my adopted countries national airline had gone bankrupt and the government had decided not to bail it out. As a result, hundreds of people were losing their jobs and travel chaos was about to ensue. It was if you like, BIG NEWS and the topic of conversation among everyone, local, expat, and tourist alike.

Of course, the news wasn’t going to have any adverse effect on me. In this case, I just went home and forgot about it. The next day, however, I was then put into a mental tailspin by my friend Lilian announcing that she had won free tickets to fly to Sicily with Air Malta and did I want to go with her?

Confused, I asked how she could win free tickets if the airline had just gone bankrupt and then came the huge insane reveal. Air Malta was not bankrupt and apparently, I am the only person who lived through the event of it doing so.

Crazy? Very. The last one, though, really takes the pee.

Here on Malta, almost every town and village has a feast day. On these days, decorations go up, nonstop drinking and partying gets underway, and the night is peppered by fireworks, This is why (with having a small dog) I was always thankful that the town where I lived (for 4 years until last year) didn’t have a feast day.

Ours was busy in the summer and we did participate in national celebrations, but we did not have anything like our own local celebration. But then what happens at the start of this month? Everyone starts inviting me to the feast of St Paul in my old Maltese hometown. What is more, this feast just does not make sense.

St Paul was shipwrecked in a place called St Pauls bay on the Maltese mainland. I’ve been there. What is more, I’ve been there during their feast of St Paul and my old backwater isn’t even linked historically to any saint in any way whatsoever. - That is until now where they apparently have always had a feast day and flamboyant procession which starts at the church next to where I used to live. - I mean, I would have noticed this. Really, I would.

Needless to say, these very big discrepancies in my reality have started to bug me and as a result, I have now become one of the ‘Mandela Effect Affected.’ The only question is, am I alone here in this regard? Or are there any other refugees from another reality kicking about?


You are describing something Carl Jung first hypothesized called the Collective Unconscious. The Mandela Effect is a logical expansion of this.

According to Jung, the human collective unconscious is populated by instincts and by archetypes: universal symbols such as The Great Mother, the Wise Old Man, the Shadow, the Tower, Water, the Tree of Life, and many more.

We all share this oversoul with it’s own set of memories which diverge from reality as we think of it.

We also are getting into quantum mechanics here. Nothing is real, as we think of “real” and is subject to our own interpretation of whatever it is we think we are experiencing.

My current thoughts about all this is that literally nothing is real. It is all a made up dream including other people. We actually invent the people we meet, to fill a need at the time. Everyone and everything is a thoughtform.

You are more perceptive of all this and aware as I believe you have an innate psychic ability, as shown by some of your more unusual experiences. You, like me, are being shown things to reveal the truth of all of this to you. You are ready for it, observant and thoughtful.

So you are busily at this time inventing more interesting thoughtforms, for lack of a better word, possibly to populate your world with more interesting possibilities, brought about by a deep restlessness that is currently thwarted.

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This is an interesting point. I have begun to suspect that I might be willing my reality into existence around me. For instance with the Azores now back on my radar, I’ve been spending a few weeks weighing up the pros and cons between those and Cyprus (as always) due to the fact that I need to settle somewhere else before the big bad Brexit.

Anyway, long story short, one factor I have to keep in mind is having an old dog who hates anything more commotional than a sofa. He will hate getting off a plane, moving between hotels, and all the commotion with house hunting. Interestingly, however, both the Azores and my prefered destination in Cyprus have (independently of each other) just established new freelance coworking spaces. More curiously, for very agreeable prices, each will arrange airport pick ups and temporary or longer term apartment rentals for passing through freelancers.

That is just wierd. It’s like the world says, “okay, this is what you want to do, here’s this really easy way of doing it which I just created for you.”

I should say though, that I don’t agree with other people being my own creation. - Or that the material world isn’t rocked solid. This would mean that my dog and pet chameleon Boy George aren’t real and they most certainly are. That said I was thinking of Billy Connolly a while back and ended up walking into this frail old man who turned out to be him… So you might have a point.

As you use the word real to describe your pets you can also describe everything that way. Or you can describe everything as a thoughtform that seems real to your five senses which are perfectly developed to help you feel that everything is real.

We are these bits of mist that are able to “see” other bits of the mist and interpret them in a universal way.

So basically, I wake myself up each morning by licking my own face?

This is probably why I’m single.


I can deliberately make thoughtforms and send them to people and have a lovely person I interact with who experiences them, and being highly communicative tells me about the experiences even though I never have told him I am sending him thoughtforms. For example I told him to watch for pink hearts. I sent him one and the next day one appeared on his desk phone where he works. He uses that phone every day and never saw one there before.

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To me, that’s restraining order talk.

You can’t just go round materializing things in other peoples lives. That said, I did have a funny experience when I had my tablet stolen. I was panicking because I had a 64GB SD card inside with everything from Bitcoin to unfinished books on it. I changed all my security quickly. Then a few days later as I was racking my brain trying to think of anything I might have forgotten, I found the SD card sitting on my desk.

Was that you? Do you do solid state computer peripherals, or are you limited to emoji thought forms?

Anyway, the flaw in this theory is that if I or we or anyone created the world, the world would be a nice place. That it isn’t would suggest that there are more peoople creating negative thought forms than there are positive ones.

That’s what my gigs do. :smiley_cat:

Not everyone is nice like us.

You might have some unseen helpers.

I had quite a few until recently but I wouldn’t call them helpers. In fact, I sense very strongly that one has since attached itself to the woman who stole my bag and tablet and might have been what made her do it in the first place.

Thankfully, I now have a pretty awesome line of defense against non-human whatever they want to call themselves and my world is a very strict no-go area for them. Not that they don’t try occasionally…

Isn’t there a famous case where everyone thought that the children’s books series the Berenstain Bears was actually Berenstein with an e? That’s the example that everyone in my generation knows about.

Probably just a lot of people who thought a more “common” way to spell it made sense, but people have come up with crazy theories about it.

Sadly, this is true.

Yes. I don’t identify with that one but for me, Sex in the City was always in then city rather than and the city. Moreover, Interview With the Vampire simply doesn’t make sense. For me it was always Interview with a Vampire.

Also, for me, hot and cold faucet taps have switched around.


That particular example is more like this:


At least I think it might be.

As far as protection I wear various rings with various gemstones in them. That’s a whole other interesting subject, various types of stones. The “things” you were referring to are very aware of types of stones people wear and have around them and stay clear of most of them, for reasons I won’t go into here.

I remember this conversation. But when I looked up the Azores at that time :thinking: I found this:

I did not see the affluent society you described.

The Azores sound very nice. I love quiet islands.