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The map is now under our gigs :') thank you fiverr!


this proves among other things fiverr does listen to us ( thank you fiverr staff ). Thank you to everyone who contributed in letting fiverr know how to improve themselves. We do have a voice as long as we all speak together :slight_smile:


I asked Support about this last week and also about PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT bit also.

And i got only simple reply. That We time to time test new features.

That is all.

No Confirmation from fiverr if this freaking useless MAP is really going under the GIGs or that (PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT THIS) option going to be visible or not on the gig page.

Very confused reply from Support, maybe they are looking into users opinions.


P.S: That useless MAP is till on top of gigs, no matter i clean my browser cache etc.


and now my map is back to the top again:( so much for getting my hopes up