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The market rule of attraction

In order to win a client’s heart on any digital marketplace using Fiverr as an example, there are two things involved. It’s either you have a good seller’s account or you have a good and well-structured proposal that can compel a buyer to instantly purchase from you. Either way, you still win the client’s heart.

                                                                                          ***Justin Onyema***

Before a client decides to purchase your gig or any service you offer online, a careful potential buyer will definitely respond to your sellers’ profile. You also have to know that if a client responds to your proposal, it means that your proposal captivated the heart of the client. It is also paramount to draft a good buyer’s request proposal that converts.

You may have everything the buyer is looking for on your profile, but if your profile leaves something to be desired for or if another seller’s profile is better than yours, then I bet that the buyer will take that business elsewhere. Top buyers will always compare you against your competition.

So, the key to success on any digital marketplace is to create an excellent seller’s profile that will help you stand out from other sellers and also craft a good proposal (popularly known as sending buyer’s request).

Like I said in the previous chapter, “I am not going to bore you on how to create a professional Fiverr account. You can freely learn that by watching YouTube videos. However, let me quickly drop some quick tips that you need to keep in mind when creating and editing your profile.


  • Including an introductory video on your gigs will increase your chances of buyer conversion.

  • Use animated videos because animated videos convert more

  • Make sure you have a quality profile picture. Keep the image clean and simple. (I used a logo of my writing brand on my own profile).


  • High-priced Gigs with zero reviews may not attract buyers. I always advice people when they are about to start selling on any digital marketplace to be “review conscious instead of money-conscious.” Lower your service rates especially when you are just starting out.

  • Consider raising the price of your gig whenever you have a lot of orders on queue, but don’t be greedy about this. Exercise some restraints towards this. For example, if you offer a $5 gig, try and increase it to $10 or $15, don’t go increasing it to $50 or $100. Don’t go ahead of yourself.

  • Learn to adjust your prices according to your workload. This logic is quite simple. All you have to do is lower your prices on periods orders are slow and raise your prices if you have a busy period.


  • Emphasize on your profile that you provide bonuses and extras to buyers who buy from you

  • When sending your proposal in the buyer’s request forum, offer a free bonus with your gig to attract new clients to your profile

  • Remember that you can control the buyer’s perception of your Gig’s value. Take some time to write down the most essential things about your Gig that buyer’s should see and endeavour your profile reflects your stated values.

  • While you can save time to create a buyer’s request proposal template, try and exercise some courtesy and apply some common sense by tailoring them to suit each buyer’s unique needs.

I hope this helps?


Many many thanks for sharing an informative post, It will help me a lot for making my profile more strong.


You are always welcome. I am glad I could be of help.


Hi, how do you know this?


These are just tips. Some worked for my friends who are still on Fiverr and some worked for me. I know you asked this question because you didn’t see animated video on my profile. Thanks for that MissCrystal.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother. If you don’t sell animated videos or media, invest in a high-quality gig image. I used a video from day 1 on all my gigs. yet now all the gigs I’ve removed videos from get more sales.

When you play videos on Fiverr, the sound sounds tinny, the resolution is a bit dodgy, and it is pretty obvious that most sellers just bash videos together thinking it will get them sales. In reality, most look rubbish.

I do think well made live-action videos of sellers work well on gigs. However, a lot of sellers seem to make webcam videos in dimly lit rooms that look more like the 1980’s VHS videos weird people used to make and give to dating agencies.


It’s really just conglomerate of topics that was on fiverr forum many times. I didn’t learn nothing new personally but that may be great list for someone that struggles with getting first order.

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I also believe that most people don’t have time to watch a video.


The Fiverr blog says adding a video increases sales.

you can add a video and personalize your Gig®. This not only helps you draw attention to your Gig but has proven to increase sales by more than 200 percent.

It also says it in this article:

Our research shows that adding a brief, high quality video to your Gig can increase your orders by over 200%

It probably depends on the category/subcategory though. And more orders doesn’t necessarily mean it increases revenue by that much. You could have a lot fewer, higher priced orders without a gig video and make more profit than someone with more orders and a video. They should really say whether it increases revenue and by how much (obviously it will depend on the gig price too, but maybe a video/image alone might be best for some gig types).

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Doesn’t Fiverr say somewhere that videos increase sales conversions by 41% or something?

When one of my gigs isn’t doing very well I generally add a video - slides only with my voiceover. That does seem to draw attention to it.

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Don’t believe in everything you read. The fact that something might work in a specific area, doesn’t mean it will work in all of them - especially when that “something” is subjective and depends on human factors.


That’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Thank you for that MissCrystal

@writerjessica Great stuff … Thank you for sharing this…

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I think I bought 4-5 gigs overall so I’m not your typical buyer but videos on gigs when the service being offered is not video-related are the most annoying thing.

I feel the same way about every other article nowadays that insists on including introduction and conclusion in text form and just a video in the middle.

Can’t people just write things out in concise manner anymore? I don’t always have time, patience or opportunity to watch a video and marvel at baffling choices of free background music.

I was trying to buy a dress yesterday and the page had a single photo from the front + the video of a model twirling around in it for 20 minutes. She walked out and it took her over 30 seconds to actually turn around so I could finally see the back. It’d take me a second to see it if there was a photo.

I’m not disputing that videos might increase sales. It just can’t understand why would they. It’s such a major turnoff to me.


Actually there is a slight advantage of putting a video in your gig: the buyer can press play and audit your gig in the search results without even clicking on it. If you have an excellent catchy introduction video, no matter what offer you are selling, it will surely help.

Even if you are selling photo or illustration, a compiled video of your work will surely help. Now there are sellers that have built for themselves quite a reputation, TRS have possibility to exhibit a whole portfolio. They absolutely don’t need a video. For new sellers it will help a lot.

It works like a charm for video related offers, especially audio. Still haven’t used it on every gig I have, but i intend to.

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I don’t watch videos on gigs, I skip them because they take too much time. I hate seeing a website where when I want to read something instead I’m shown a video to watch.

Not really. There is a reason why all the big portfolio sites offer static portfolios first and foremost. You can embed a video of the process as a part of the presentation but it’s never at the very top. Unless the end product is a video or an animation, it’s distracting and does a disservice to the overall presentation.

I see, static is always more important for photo and illustration, here on fiverr as well. But if you add video on top of it, you are getting the possibility to be checked in a place where you cannot be checked otherwise (directly in the search results). Theoretically and statistically :slight_smile: it increases your chances


What is going to force someone looking for a specific gig to purchase to watch a video on a gig? To spend that much time on it? Usually only to be bored if not disgusted by the video?

Of course if you sell videos or music for videos, then you would need to have one.