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The message bug causes me misery

As like other seller, I always use my phone to quick reply / quick read of the incoming messages, simply because I can’t be open my desktop 24/7.

It started with an incoming message said:

Sorry I have someone for this project already, maybe we can work on another project in the future. I will keep you in mind. Thank you for replying

And I thought, this must be someone falsely sent message to me and nothing important to reply about.

However, I still replied it anyway, the first day I woke up in the morning. I said:

No worries. Thank you

Like I said, I saw and replied this message through a Fiverr app on my smartphone.

Sadly, earlier today I just found out that the person did offer me a project. Just before he said sorry I have someone . . . .

He sent me a message, said:

*1. Send me your sample work *

    1. Read the “Instructions” Doc in this file first and let me know if you can do this and if you have any questions before we continue.…*
    1. Send me your offer.*

What a missed opportunity for me, one message is really valuable for me, I tried to answer it as fast I can. And today I found out that I missed it, because the message didn’t show up in my phone.

Does anyone has experience the same situation?

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