The misuse of cancellations


I have just suffered my fourth cancelled gig, and it has led me to the conclusion that sellers on here use cancellations as a way of preventing you leaving negative feadback when realise that they are going to they fail to deliver. They may see it differently as they haven’t been paid yet, but don’t forget, the buyer has already been charged, and and from our point of view money has changed hands. we want to leave negative feedback. (well I do at least.)


Sure, and that’s your “right” I suppose. But it’s not really the community we’re trying to make. First, there are a lot of very part-time people here on fiverr.

You’re never “obligated” to take a cancellation. However, this video may help you understand the type of community we’re trying to build here.

And you’ve not “lost the money” it’s there for your next gig order.


The thing to remember is that it takes 2 to cancel a gig.

If you don’t want to cancel than don’t.

The downside? You loose your 5 bucks. The good side? You can leave feedback to warn others.

But wait! There’s more! Sometimes, you can get refunded and keep your feedback in place. Not always, but sometimes. How? Leave your feedback and then contact CS. They may refund you themselves, without having to cancel. Which leaves the feedback in place. Not always though, so don’t count on it. A lot of times they will just cancel the gig themselves.

In a nutshell? If you feel the seller has been horrible than do everyone a favor and don’t cancel. Just leave the feedback. Sure, you may loose the 5 bucks but it does a world of good.

And, in case you’re wondering. There is a “Force Cancellation” option for sellers. But, if they use it their Gig rating drops. A lot.