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The modifications!

Can we please have an option for modification where for each modification it adds at least 1 day so we don’t look like we are late? I would love a modification cap too, but here’s to dreaming.

I couldn’t agree more! Not only should modifications add time so sellers don’t get stung by buyers who either didn’t know what they wanted (or are looking for an excuse to cancel and keep the work), but even honest/considerate buyers would be less likely to keep tweaking if they’re going to have to wait longer. Quicker turnaround is better for everyone - including Fiverr HQ.

We’ve been wanting this FOREVER. Instead of getting useful features like this, however, we’re getting hidden fees and star systems. Not cool, Fiverr. This is why I left as a seller and will soon be leaving as a buyer.

LOVE IT. Often I’ll send the initial proof days in advance of the deadline but the buyer won’t respond until two hours prior to deadline with revisions. I’m not always camped out in front of a screen and able to preform these in time.