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The money show on the balance is 300 euro off from the money I can withdraw

Hello people,

I hope you all are doing well at this specific time.
Today when I withdraw my march income, I encountered a strange situation.
I am based in France, so my balance is in Euro.
My account balance shows that I have 3856.78Euro I can withdraw.
but when I bring out this money to my PayPal, the number has changed on Fiverr site into 3545.58, I thought that was the withdrawn limit, so I transferred this amount anyway. When I want to transfer the rest 300 euro again, the balance in my fiverr account becomes 0 euro.

I am wondering if there is anyone had a similar situation? and if anyone knows why it is like this?

Kind Regards,

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Welcome to the Fiverr forum.

I have actually heard about this recently, or at least something similar:

Does this help? Is it different?

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Thanks for your response, I have already contacted the support team, they said that besides there is an exchange rate, they also charge an exchange fee. That’s why I lost 300euro during the process. They suggested to set currency in USD to avoid this extra exchange fee… haha