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The Monthly Leveling System is Flawed - Buyer's Perspective


A little rant . . .

I truly do not understand 5r’s intentions with the leveling on a monthly basis. As a buyer, when I see a 1000 review seller that is a level one - I don’t know if he/she got demoted because:

  • They were a bad/scam seller who deliver awful/late work or
  • They received one too many cancellations - “ordered by mistake” or

Then there is the" 4 stars are good review" - as indicated all over the forum, yet - if the seller can’t maintain a 90%, then it’s demotion time for them.

So, unlike last year when I can filter seller for level as a mean for experience, it really means nothing to me at this point.

5r still have some TRS, who do atrocious work and they are still TRS from the old days - when they gave it away for seniority. There are TRS here who should really double or triple their price - even at that, it’s still a bargain. Then there are TRS here where I find the $5 order to be too expensive - they shouldn’t be selling anything.

I am still finding it hard to trust 5r’s ability to hand-pick top sellers when the great/talented ones are in the same bucket with the less than optimal ones.


Hi Gina,

If you haven’t already, then please send this to customer service. As a seller, I’ve had a similar conversation with them earlier today, but all I got was a short ‘cookie cutter’ response.

Perhaps they’ll listen to you? :slight_smile:


Once again I am always so excited to read something from your perspective, because it’s a side we often don’t get to see that often here.

When the changes were made I did not even think to consider what it might change for a buyer too! And although I do buy and sell here, from a sellers standpoint I like this new change (although the response rate thing is ridiculous). As a buyer I found that my best quality illustrator was dropped to Level One because her On time deliver was so low. However, she always delivered quality work so even if it was a day late I never cared. This demotion upset her but, she hasn’t been a day late since. She learned to extend her delivery time and raise her prices and I think she’s doing a lot better than before.

Now that being said I think there is still sooo much work to do on
the whole ranking and promotion system. Especially when it comes to response rate and cancelled orders.

Maybe if they could even make a Level 3 because I feel the difference between Lvl 2 and TRS varies sooo much.


I appreciate this perspective.

It’s one of the main reasons why in software development you need to use the Agile Methodology. This methodology would have captured all perspectives of the change and I feel it would have been a much more reasonable shift.


I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, Gina. :coffee:

My experience working with TRSes has been 50/50. A few did exceptional work, the rest begged for 5-star reviews and told tall :shushing_face: tales about the work they can do. I will say there are many truly amazing TRS on this website. The ones who take pride in their work and are very professional. The same rings true for the other level sellers as well. Just a few bad :apple: here & there in a bunch.

I agree! Recently, it appears ‘some’ sellers are slipping through the cracks of rocks.


My experience is around 50/50 for sellers on all levels, lately.

I guess it all depends on sellers level of pride. Some can’t imagine doing anything but over deliver quality.

Others just mass produce junk and get enough 5 star from buyers with, “It’s only $5.”


Really enjoyed this post, Gina. Thank you.

How do you feel about sellers’ metrics being public?


Hi Gina, It’s not all about the metrics as your post illustrates. In my category a few TRS were demoted whom I knew shouldn’t have been at that level. So my experience was a good one with it so far. But still there always is the possibility the good ones will get caught up and demoted by having things happen that were not their fault, such as cancellations.

So that aspect should be corrected asap.


I think both sellers and buyers metric should be private.

I don’t mind the reviews being categorized such as orders less than $XX is yellow stars, and order over $XXX is green, etc. But not to extend of exactly what the buyer bought being displayed.

The exact amount is between buyer and seller.


I agree that there were those that got fairly demoted.

I also agree that there were those that got unfairly demoted.

There are also those that really should have been demoted and I’m puzzled at how they still have a TRS badge. If you only could see that awful work that I received last month. You would be embarrassed that she holds that same yellow badge as you.

The signs were there and I really should have known better. It’s not like I’m a newbie 5r buyer. I have no idea what I was thinking. It really was my fault but darn - how is this seller still a TRS?

I believe the monthly leveling has it’s flaws.


Definitely! Such as life. Fiverr can improve things, I’m still optimistic that after trying out the levels system for a few months. Fiverr will have the necessary data and whatnot to tweak things. I’m not going to hold my breath or anything. :no_mouth: However, I do see room for improvement. Trial & Error!


Exactly! Cancelled orders doesn’t invalidate quality work! Neither does ‘late responses!’

I always the thought levels translate into quality.
New seller: There isn’t any data, therefore there isn’t a badge.
L 1: The seller is making progress with completed orders and only great reviews.
L 2: The seller has proven to provide quality work with only wonderful reviews.
TRS: The seller only offers quality work.

Now it seems that the badge is simply a metric based symbol!

How does the ‘cancelled order’ or the ‘response rate’ determine whether the seller provides quality work?


The metrics system isn’t perfect. It’s only a starting point. I do know that my reviews, and profile are checked by staff each month, as well as my metrics, and someone does pay close attention to those things on a frequent basis. Beyond that, there probably isn’t much that staff can to do monitor what each buyer receives from a Top Rated Seller. There will still be some who deliver substandard work.


If the response rate is low (and not because of a bug), it means that the seller often doesn’t respond to new potential customers, and that’s bad customer service. Every now and then, a buyer complains on the forum that they’ve sent messages to several sellers, and only one or two bothered to respond.

Cancelled orders can be because the buyer made a mistake, but if seller often cancels because they’re unable to do the job, then it does speak about the quality of their work. We hear complaints about that, too: a buyer contacts a seller, seller says that they can do it, then makes the buyer wait even after the deadline, and cancels because they realize they can’t do it.


This system indeed has flaws. But since it’s quite hard work to keep up with all the metrics required to keep your level or raise one level up, over time I think it will prove it’s worth.

You say that your TRS seller delivered awful work? That should be reflected in the reviews. As soon as a seller has less than 4,8 average rating over the past 60 days they will lose their current level.

I think we are now in a period where this level system has to be sorted out well. Over time it just simply won’t be possible to be a TRS if you don’t deliver always the best product/service.


I would hate to give someone a bad review and I’m sure that there are many others who are like me. I had one not good experience once but didn’t leave any review. But then I’m not a regular buyer and if someone really made me angry I might. But if I got a refund I would want to let it go.


The work provided may also be an indication of the instructions you provide. If your instructions are cookie cutter then the work you receive may not be what you expect.


I get buyers whom I tell I cannot help them as it is out of my scope and they still order from me and then I cancel which in turn affects my rating. How is this fair?


Of course it’s not fair.

It’s the bad ones, both buyers and sellers, who make things more difficult for everyone.


Surely one of the reasons you lose the level is the response rate. As in my case. From Seller Level 2 to basic seller. This month I’ve been working hard, I’ve regained the level 1 seller badge. Although I expected to return Level 2. I have all the bars at 100% and 4.8 stars.