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The moral aspect of writing for students


I am a retired senior just working on fiverr for a couple reasons: 1. fulfills my creative need to write and 2. make extra money while staying home. I have a moral dilemma when students ask me to write papers for school…and I refuse the gig if they tell me that. Our future depends on those in school now and not doing one’s own work defeats the purpose of education. Of course some do not tell me and I have written a few papers that got handed in to professors. How do other writers feel about this? Is money the most important thing and am I being too picky?


As a student, I agree with you. It is important for students to write papers for themselves to grow and learn from it to become a better writer. I’m not proud to say this but I was extremely busy last year, and there was an easy writing class I was taking where I had to write a final paper. I outsourced it, and didn’t end up getting a good grade. I would have done much better writing it myself.

sallyinthevalle said: Is money the most important thing and am I being too picky?

You're not being too picky. If students don't do their work, a.) they are not learning the subject matter, and b.) they are not learning a work ethic - both of which are fundamental to being a well-rounded, valuable member of society.


In my opinion, you should never compromise your morals for a buck! I love what itsyourthing wrote. So true. Next time someone asks me to do write an essay for them, I’m just going to link them to this thread.

emasonwrites said: I love what itsyourthing wrote

Thanks. :)


I don’t think that you’re being picky at all, and I applaud your moral standards! Using someone else’s writing as your own is essentially lying, and you shouldn’t have any qualms about not wanting to be a partner in that kind of lie.

I’ve spent my career in academia and have worked extremely hard to produce my own original research and writing for publications, journals and papers. In my field, if it’s found out that your work isn’t your own, good luck finding an organization who is willing to sponsor your research or even work with you! You’re done!

Perhaps I’m extra sensitive about that kind of thing because it’s such an essential part of my everyday life, and I certainly don’t mean to look down from a place of superior judgement (everyone’s made one or two bad moral choices in their life). However, I don’t think a lot of students realize just what may be at stake when they hand in someone else’s work. It may seem like a tiny lie, but it can have major consequences. Trust me, you’re doing those students a BIG favor by refusing to do their work for them!


Nope, no way would I write for students or do homework for one…


As a writer, I never do homework assignments. I’m a student too and will do all my own work–at least if I fail, it is my own fault and if I get a great mark, I can be proud of my achievements. I could have chosen to outsource an essay just last month because I was swamped with work, but I decided to do the job myself, so I could say that I managed it.

I’ve had a few students lately asking me to do their homework assignments. It’s gotten to the point where I simply tell them to read my gig description in full, where it says I don’t do homework.

I don’t think you’re being picky. Having morals is important and as nickih said, you’re doing the students a favour.


I done one when I first got started on here. It was on child psychology. I did not know it was homework until the guy told me I got a B+ on it…which is great since I don’t know anything about child psychology.

Nowadays I just tell anybody that asks me to actually do the work themselves :smiley:


It’s a shame that we’re all talking about how important it is to have ethics with this stuff and how we’d all ‘take the high road’, but this is Fiverr and we’re all forgetting that a lot of times a seller doesn’t know the details of a job until after the order is placed! Then it’s a question of not only losing the $3.92 (or whatever it is for said seller), but also messing up their stats through cancellation. In all jobs, turning down work will result in a loss of that income, but here it can have a really negative effect on your future sales too.

In many ways this place is set up for corruption. Dramatic, maybe, but true, probably. :wink:

itsyourthing said: a lot of times a seller doesn't know the details of a job until after the order is placed!

I've been quite lucky in the sense that most people message me first. I guess they want to make sure the person they're hiring to do the work is able to work on the subject to get them a good mark. When I've had ones that look like homework, I've asked for clarification first, and if I've still been unhappy, then I've opted to cancel. I'd rather cancel than try to do the work. The main thing is when they ask for "academic style" or "third-person only". Most people writing for the internet now, unless they're writing news, want first or second person because that's the type people prefer to read on blogs.


Good on you for sticking to your moral guns!! The quality of writing from students is dramatically declining. My DH consistently receives essays that are borderline incoherent and have the most basic grammatical errors. No wonder the Common Core emphasizes literacy across all subjects.


I tend to agree with you. Students will not learn anything when others do their homework for them. To my knowledge I have not done someone’s homework yet and I want to keep it that way.

Maybe Fiverr should include this in their TOS: ‘No Gigs offering to make homework or buyer requests to have homework made allowed’.

I did notice some requests to have homework made and even a gig that offered to do homework … :frowning: It should not be allowed.


Here goes my unpopular opinion.

Personally, I would just do it - $4 is $4. Just because 1 student wants their essay done, the millions of others aren’t doing the same. If that student wants to throw away their future, go ahead. Also, we don’t know the story behind these students order. They could be going through a rough time, are super busy and overwhelmed or just want someone to help them out. I think if it’s a one of thing every now and then - as long as it’s not one kid coming to you for every single essay or homework he gets, then you’re fine.

Even if you refuse, to get the student to their own work. If they’ve decided and have come to you - it’s most likely they’ll just find someone else.


I hope you just say no to doing homework assignments. It’s true that in the end, students who don’t want to do their own work will probably find a way around doing it. But you don’t have to participate in helping them plagiarize if it doesn’t feel right to you. I wish like @belgianwriter mentioned that this type of work violated the TOS, but I don’t see that happening.

I haven’t had anyone ask me to do homework, but I have had some orders that I felt were questionable for other reasons, and in those cases, I requested a mutual cancellation. For me, that’s a big part of what the option to cancel is for–sometimes buyers don’t message before ordering, and it turns out that the order isn’t something you’re comfortable with doing.

celinedesigns said: Even if you refuse, to get the student to their own work. If they've decided and have come to you - it's most likely they'll just find someone else.

When I've had people ask me to do homework in the past, I've wished them good luck at finding someone to do it for them. I refuse for my own moral grounds, but I know there are people on here who will do it. There is one guy who has a gig dedicated to homework stuff. It may just be $4, but I don't want any part of it.

I have been overwhelmed and super busy. I'm going to be for my next assignment due just after the New Year. Between looking after my daughter, running my own business, and doing the majority of the housework, I barely have time to work on my studies (and I'm taking a year out next year just to ease my hours a little) but I do it myself. I chose to take on so much, so I deal with the consequences. I'd rather fail while trying rather than risk someone failing for me because they don't understand the assignment.

sallyinthevalle said: How do other writers feel about this? Is money the most important thing and am I being too picky?

Each seller must decide what his/her ethical response is.

I think there are many issues with the education model and for me I would have no problem with writing papers that a person is going to represent as completing a bit of homework.


Because, I get other business development / marketing consultants who reach out to me on Fiverr when they have a long term client or a new client and are looking for new ideas.

Let me ask you, do you think they're going to say it was this guy "Anarcho" at Fiverr's idea we got for $5, $10, $50 bucks?

No, they're going to get the idea, love the idea, ...maybe even tweak it with the extra information they have access to that I never will...and they're going to charge 10, 100 even 500+ times more of it.

And it's all good. I made my peace with selling on fiverr...and I know that NO ONE OF US is smarter than ALL OF US.

The fact is the educational system is silly. There's no real life situation that isn't collaborative or wouldn't be better if it were.

The whole notion of "cheating" because you work with someone is an unfortunate idea.


While I personally don’t find it ethical to do another person’s homework, I’m fine with the fact that there are other people on this website that will do happily do others’ homework. However, I don’t think we should encourage someone who has a moral opposition to helping students cheat, to change her mind because she’s missing out on a source of revenue. Let those other people corner that market.

And just as a note, I think there’s a big difference between collaboration in the real world and simply paying someone else to your work and then passing it off as your own. The people that have contacted me usually want me to write their entire paper from scratch, not give them ideas or edit text they’ve already (both of which, I would be happy to do). Having someone else do your work and then telling your professor/teacher/boss that you did it is not what I think of when I think of collaboration.


Anyone that writes or does any type of work for anybody is in most cases helping to further that person along whether it is financially, job enrichment or academically. You can say that a person who commissions you to do any work should have, or could have done it him or herself regardless of the task.

The fact that students are seeking outside help seems to be the problem here. Given today’s technology, intelligence is sometimes measured on whether you know which button to push on your gadget to find the answer instead of memorizing it from previous studies. In some cases, the button is “order now ($5)”. Students are taught from a young age to use the available technology. Finding Fiverr for some students is a technological gold mine.

emasonwrites said: I think there's a big difference between collaboration in the real world and simply paying someone else to your work and then passing it off as your own.

I absolutely agree with that statement! There's nothing wrong with credited collaboration, but to lie by saying that someone else's work is is your own is completely different, not to mention illegal in many cases.

To read that sellers would do the homework and be partner in plagiarism because $4 is $4 makes me wonder, is your integrity really only worth $4?