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The more I do the Worse it Gets

Well, this getting really depressing now. Literally, everything I do to try and recover sales and placement in the Fiverr search works against me. The majority of my August earnings (a disastrous $400) are earnings from orders which were completed in July but didn’t clear until August. This means that August has been my worst month ever since day 1!

I am starting to think that I have committed Fiverr suicide by initially updating one of my gigs at the start of the month. What is worse, despite having a scarcity of orders and messages (maybe 3 a week) my response rate and delivered on time rate are decreasing steadily every day.

None of it makes sense. I’ve spent hours/days creating new gigs. What is more, I’ve gone so far as to strip other peoples gigs of tags, keywords and pricing data to optimize all my new (and some old) gigs. It simply doesn’t seem possible, however, to get anywhere in the Fiverr search, even after creating gig videos and ticking all the boxes which Fiverr wants me to in regard to FAQ sections etc.

Someone sets an article writing gig up priced at $5 which isn’t optimized (apparently) for the Fiverr search in any way. This then generates a grand total of 2 or 3 reviews in a few months with over 20 days since their last delivery. - How do they appear higher in the search than me who doesn’t appear anywhere?

None of it makes sense. All I can say is that if you have not been affected by all Fiverr’s meddling with the search so far, don’t update your gigs. You really might end up three weeks later saying to yourself, “well this is it then…”


I know! It’s crazy. It’s as if the worst gigs of all that no one wants are shown prominently, while here you are, a high quality established seller and can’t be found.

I don’t touch or change my gigs at all now. Fiverr thinks any change to a gig is something underhanded and punishes them now.

How is it that I can do so well the first two weeks of August, proving myself yet again as someone who deserves to have her gigs shown prominently, only to have them all suddenly gone from where anyone can see them? Finally my impressions had gone up in those first two weeks. I was getting several 5 star reviews a day, buyers were repeatedly purchasing my gigs, rave reviews, delivering in twelve hours, and then suddenly nothing again.

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Well on the upside Miss C, if there was ever anyone who would ever be my first choice of fellow hobo living under a freeway after I go bankrupt, it would be you.

You can teach me witchcraft and I’ll read all my unsold books and articles to you as we wile away the days in front of a big sign saying, “Used to freelance for $5. Will now cast spells for food.”


Most of my sales this month have been from repeat buyers and referrals. I haven’t looked, but I have the feeling my gigs are far down the list at the moment.

It’s happened before. Fiverr will go about changing the algorithm again soon and the other side of the seesaw will fly up. The sellers who aren’t complaining right now will swap places and be at the bottom.

I hope they will eventually figure out that they’re never going to hold on to talented sellers (i.e., you two!) if they completely disregard how the changes they make effect the sales of established and trustworthy users.

No one knows Fiverr’s mysterious ranking algorithm, but I’m becoming more and more convinced that it’s either completely random or (for some reason) favors new users/gigs.

Hang in there for the next update :see_no_evil:


Yeah, I’m confused about the regular buyer situation. I’ve pretty much been living off regular buyers since May. The problem is, suddenly not only have these people all stopped ordering at once but those whom have placed orders are acting a bit odd.

I have had a Canadian guy order consistently every couple of weeks for 4-8 articles. He messaged at the start of the month asking for a custom offer. I replied from the app saying I wasn’t at my computer but my pricing was the same so he could order directly and there wouldn’t be a problem. He then replied with: “Seriously?” And I haven’t heard from him since.

Now I am starting to wonder if he and other regular buyers have went to order and seen an average price rather than a set price like Miss C and others were discussing at around the same time. I didn’t pay any attention to this at the time but I did see myself as having an average price of $23 from my non-logged in to Fiverr tablet a couple of weeks back.

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Thats exactly what i feel Bro. When i do nothing i get the best :grinning:

“Average price” is certainly hindering sales. Just this afternoon, I had a semi-regular buyer ask if I was updating my pricing structure because they noticed my rates were higher. I have not changed my prices—ever!

If multiple users were getting confused/misled by the name of the “Buyer Requests” section (many thinking that it was literally a place to request buyers), I don’t see how anybody at headquarters thought: “Let’s make it look like everything is more expensive than it really is, that’ll bring in the sales!”

Stores advertise their lowest prices to get people in the door, not their highest! I’m still amazed that someone actually thought this might be a good idea. I hope it disappears soon.

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I thought they gave up on the idea of showing average prices. Are yours still showing?

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(As of last night) I’m still seeing “average price” when viewing my profile. I’ve been on the app so far this morning, but I’ll make sure to check later and see if it’s went away yet.

That would be a relief :smile:

I see “starting at” when I look at your profile.

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Of all the times I have read complaints about Fiverr sales or rankings on the forum, this time is different. I never seen or recall so many TRS or successful gigs complain about their ranking or sales. Rarely did a TRS have any issues with their gig getting exposure except for now.

Yep, I think this time is different then previous times.

In a way, it’s a good thing. I’ve actually worked harder the past two weeks than I usually do when I have orders in queue. downturns force you to start thinking differently. I have nothing to show for it yet but I have laid the groundwork for a pretty cool new marketing and reputation building strategy. Now it’s just a case of seeing what each day brings…


Great attitude…keep us updated if you find that magic moment.

Exactly. Every success needs groundwork, just like every building needs a sturdy foundation. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,
First off, I am very sorry to hear that people who are using this platform are struggling so hard to keep the workflow up. And I have heard that very often in the past days.
I would like to tell my part of the story because I am a new seller on fiverr.
I have started at the beginning of july with one gig (translating from English to German and the other way around). I honestly didn’t expect to earn more than maybe $20 in two months and after the first two weeks in which I didn’t receive any order at all, I almost forgot about this platform again. At some point I logged back in again and found I had received a message from a buyer / seller who wanted me to translate for her in a longterm arrangement. I gladly did (eventhough now I know the revenue doesn’t justify the work I put in) and shortly after I received more and more orders, some customers keep coming back and every now and then (also 2 through the buyers requests) I get to work with new customers.

Now 1 months later I already reached Level 1 with about 30 delivered orders. Some days I have so many orders that I am struggling to work everything off and I often find myself working from 8 am to 2 am. Since I started with fairly low prices and taking every job I could get, I managed to get a few nice reviews and something like a customer base I’d say.

I am not trying to brag or anything, but out of the perspective of a new seller, the first month went much, much better than expected. I know that I can’t generalize it since not only years’ long sellers but also new ones are struggling, but with about 1000 impressions on my first gig within one month, I feel like fiverr was maybe trying to help me get a good start.

However, I created 3 more gigs, one each week about proofreading, translating from English to Dutch and Skype lessons (the first of those three created very close to the beginning of august) and I hardly get any orders for those gigs. I heard the algorithm changed around that time? I can’t tell how the algorithm worked before but to me it’s either that or Fiverr trying to support me with my first gig - or the demand is just not there, I can’t really tell.

I do believe that Fiverr is possibly trying to help new sellers out. I assume their goal is to try to increase the number of people selling as well as buying and if new sellers notice that they won’t be successful on the platform, they will leave and find some other place to be and a lot of attention so early on is probably pretty attractive. But that doesn’t mean that it will always stay this way.

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Has there been some kind of Marxist revolution that I don’t know about? Almost everyone keeps saying that ‘maybe Fiverr is trying to give new sellers a chance,’ like Fiverr is some entitlement centric millennial loving care bear. News flash. If it is, it’s dead in the water and any sane person should pick up sticks and leave now.

You get two kinds of people in the world. The first kind hears about a website called Fiverr, they pop over, create a gig, and then just watch as nothing happens. 'It’s not fair," they then say. ‘Fiverr should give us new sellers a chance!’

The second kind of person, on the other hand, hears about Fiverr, pops over, creates a gig, sees 2 weeks later that nothing is happening, and then starts saying things to themself like:

‘Mmmmhhh, maybe there is no market demand for this service. Alternatively, maybe I haven’t set this gig up right, let’s try something different.’

Now, the first kind of seller is destined to never accomplish anything more in life than the average sweet potato. The second kind of seller, however, will usually constantly find ways to overcome obstacles, react to changes in life, and work towards ever greater professional and personal standing in their community.

You have not made it on Fiverr so far because you are the first kind of seller and Fiverr has given you a chance. You have succeeded so far because at least one neuron has collided with another one in your brain and given rise to the ingenuity required to bring about your own success. In fact, that is exactly how every seller you see around you has got to where they.

Yes, it sounds crazy but we were all new sellers once and at the same time we signed up, there were other people who were also new sellers. They didn’t make it, though, because all of them couldn’t handle the fact that no one was waiting to hand them success on a plate. They just flapped around and eventually wandered off whatever fast-food restaurant would have them.

I am sorry if this seems like an attack on you. It is not. This is an attack on this insane idea that Fiverr is some kind charity. Can you imagine how you would feel about Fiverr as a business owner, if one day Fiverr said: “Hey, thanks for all your return custom. Just so you know, we’ve decided to make all the sellers you have got used to working with take a back seat for a while. This way, you can try your luck every time you make a purchase from now on, with one of these fine new and completely unrated sellers who we’re trying to help out.”

You would leave in disgust.

Communism has killed more people than any war. This is because the more people who bought into the lovely idea that everyone should have a slice of pie no matter what, the more people ended up starving to death.

Do not credit your success so far to having been smiled upon my some all loving corporation. It is insulting to others as it cheapens every aspect of their own efforts and it is insulting to yourself for not crediting your own ingenuity and the quality of service you provide.


Sorry for making you feel as what I have said was meant in any way negative to other sellers. That was not my attention and I admire people for working incredibly hard on this platform and for the quality that is delivered by people who know what they are doing. I didn’t mean to say that every single one of my orders were related to fivers gracious deed of supporting me. I do have plenty of customers who gave it a try with me, figured that I was good and ordered again. That is my work. But to initially get found in between those hundreds of equally good offers after that short period of time while others who are struggling - and I am talking about people who can’t even find their gigs when they search for it, for instance-, it does seem like there is something going on with that.

And to be fair, I never said fiverr was doing some charity work for new sellers. As mentioned before, the platform itself benefits from growth. More new sellers, more offers and therefore more attraction of customers which finally leads to more commision.

Furthermore, I didn’t say that this is the final case, that there is no other explanation as to what is going on, I just wrote about my experience as a new seller on fiverr and that I personally felt like I had a better start than initially expected.


my sales this month havent been great either, I used to be on the first page but now ive disappeared again and i havent edited my gig, last time i contacted support and they said we will look into it, then miraculously i ended back on the first page but once again im gone. I would contact support and ask them my gigs are not ranking or showing, it worked for me and i got back on the first page.

Edit: ok so i just checked in search results and my other gig ( that i edited like 2 hours ago) is first page, first row. i seem to disappear for a while, then get first page them im gone again, back again, i dont know whats going on lol