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The MOST AMAZING 360 degree video

Just take a look at our sister planet…isn’t it amazing?

Where NO MAN has gone before…
(you can move the video frame but clicking and holding down your left mouse button and explore around you or clicking on the left up down right circle arrows after you click play)

Did the video get stuck…I don’t see any movement…

Ah got it! That’s really cool, man, thanks for that!

Love it! Curiosity is sitting on an old lake bed. You can see where there is water that trickles down that hill at times. Fascinating. Read “The Rock from Mars” about the most famous rock in the world that came from Mars, found in antartica–still debated if it shows a tiny martian. Mars has the water and the amino acids, the building blocks of life, no
reason for it not to be there although it’s probably smaller than any on earth.

I read about that! Thanks for the info

you should see it in 4k! and look straight up you can see where the sun is and how small it looks compared to on earth… absolutely amazing… I dream about walking on mars…

Personally I don’t believe a thing that comes out from Nasa. We landed on the moon? Really? With 1960’s technology we landed on the moon several times…But then stopped and never went back?

Then you have two astronauts now which have almost drowned in space…

Okay, cool vid. My personal opinion though is that this isn’t Mars, this is somewhere on Earth just with the terrain color balance tinted. Hence the lemmings and ducks which occasionally make it into supposed Mars pictures.

There wasn’t much there so why keep going? Look up the Atacama Desert in Chile. That looks like Mars including the color.

what mars pictures show the lemmings and ducks?

Maybe those are Martian lemmings and ducks!

I googled “martian lemmings and ducks” and apparently there are some who think that the Mars pictures are actually Greenland. We’ve supposedly been sending robots and satellites to Mars since the 1970’s so it’s a 40 year government conspiracy.