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The most annoying buyer!


This buyer asked me to make animated intros for him. One animation to 3 different logos and I agreed. I showed him a sample of what I will be making for him and he said he wants it like that… I even had to remove the logo backgrounds on photoshop for no extra price because he is a new buyer… I delivered then he said he doesn’t think he likes it anymore that I should make something else…ARE YOU KIDDING… 4 HOURS OF WORK FOR $25… I said okay, because I am free… I accepted to make another animation… Now I delivered and he said the third one looks squashed (the third logo is actually small that’s why and I explained to him)… He said, he can’t pay, he doesn’t appreciate my work, he makes laughing faces (emojis) …What do I do… And I don’t want to have a cancelled order, it will affect me


Imagine what would be said to you if you went into a restaurant and had a meal like this:
When you were almost finished your steak, you decided you didn’t like the taste and so you asked for a replacement. Despite it being clear there was nothing wrong with the steak you had (you almost finished it before complaining), but they gave you another one as a goodwill gesture. When you finished, you tell them you are not paying for the steak because the second one wasn’t good either.
What would the restaurant manager say to you?


You have already done too much for this horrible buyer.

Tell him the rules of fiverr are that whether he likes what he got or not, he still has to pay.

The first time he said he doesn’t like it anymore and you should make something else you should have told him you delivered exactly what he asked for and therefore the order is complete.

I would never give him a refund no matter what. Tell him you have done your best and done much more than he paid for so the order is complete.
Then when he tries to argue or threaten you with a bad review report him to customer support. Don’t argue back. Stop communicating with this person after you tell him you won’t give him a refund.

Of course if you are a new seller who cannot afford a bad review you might have a different opinion about giving him a refund. But with the new requirements for levels, that might put you below the minimum you need to increase your level.

It’s situations with buyers like this that can make things difficult for newer sellers.


What I would do to avoid conflict is I would just offer him a discount next time. Or offer a freebie, and apologize, even if you’re not in the wrong. Stirring up conflicts can’t do any good. Even if you’re in the right. Just be polite and offer him a freebie or a discount next time and see how he answers. I know my post is a bit non-conventional, but you have nothing to lose if you try and act cool with him. Tell what happened later!