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The MOST BEAUTIFUL wedding invitation card ever made


I was messaged by a buyer whose wedding is to come up in June, to design a wedding i.v, After he gave me his thoughts on what he wanted…i went to work…

i must say, the concepts were totally his…wood themed, rustic, earth tone, burnt lillies… but the design was mine… i must say i really loved what came out of the union…

i am elated and i just thought i share my happiness…

Its the most beautiful card i’ve designed…

simple but beautiful…


Awww, so sweet! Good work! :smiley:


That is pretty :slight_smile: Isn’t it fun to work together sometimes ?


Reply to @vfowler: Thank you dear, it’ll be fun if we work together, i’d love that… :slight_smile:


Reply to @crcanny: Than you :slight_smile:


Does look really good!

I personally feel that too many fonts are used, but apart from that, you’re very talented!