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The most common problem for all new sellers when got an Order part-1

Welcome to my topic. first I say, if any difficulty in my topic, always feel free to ask me.
I opened this topic because of the new seller experiencing this problem.

Everybody knows that when a new seller getting an Order, buyer must place an order to get some specific items/services. (example: website header menu edit).

when a seller completes this task as per request, the buyer asks for more work to be done. This is not a problem ever. we (seller) just need to make a list with it and ask the buyer to place a new order for a new task / accept the offer for the extended task. must include a past task list which they are paid for. and make very clear that “the 3 or 4 tasks were started into this order, as you ask more task I will do but have to accept my custom offer for this task etc a following”.

I see many topic headline “buyer asking more task after placing an order for one or 2 tasks” and the sellers afraid the order may be canceling. no worry, if you are honest, must bear in mind that any buyer will hear from you if you are active in mind. No more today, thank you.

(someone says as wp top tier expert)


This is a problem that all freelancers face. The practice of assigning jobs again after a small assignment. Seeing the working people as human beings would be a solution to this. It is enough to divide each job into separate tasks. Buyers need to be aware of this.

Hi there, you are absolutely right. and most sellers have to understand when and how they can complete a new task. handle e a maximum of 2-5 same tasks per order. when it goes to another subject, try to get an order separately. just make their clients satisfied with the legal and right way.

mabe say as " I will do this next job as you described, but I want to finish this order and I have sent another custom offer, please accept". I think any client does not refuse this request. but keep it limited.