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The most effective back links after Penguin and Panda!

Hello, it seems since Penguin buying thousands and even hundreds of bad back links can only hurt your ratings not help it. I had bought 10,000 back links a early this year on fiver and my sight have disappeared of Google all together. I found that a small number of RELEVANT links that are impeded in text , like original articles ( not spun ) is hundred times more effective then junk links.

Here is links i tried that were totally not effective:

  1. Blog comments links
  2. Profile Links
  3. Spun Article Links ( have some effectiveness but nothing compared to original articles)
  4. Video Links
  5. Links placed together on pages of Junk irrelevant Blog Networks, containing hundreds of other junk links

    Finally anchor text needs to be diversified. Many links with exact Keywords look totally unnatural to Google, need to have diversity like " Click here ", “Company Site”, related keywords etc

    What kind of links have you found effective ?

Hi, well, google is after webspam and 10000 links directly to your website is just like putting a big red cloth on your site and google will crush it like a mad bull!

NO links are dead unless you use them correctly. These days, you got to have links that are related to your content.

Blog comments from high PR pages still work but if they are not spammed.

Profile links, well all of them don’t work! but some really do work. If you buy like 10000 profile links all at once with same keywords and same text and don’t look after them? they are dead at that second they were made.

But if you create like 10-20 only high quality links with good written content in them. and do look after them. If they are left orphan, they are of no use. Make some more links to these links.

Contextual links (If you can afford, YES OP is RIGHT! The unique content is really good to make links), again if you buy like 1000 links and get a report, now if you really do, you will that 95% of the sites are low PR crappy sites. and the remaining 50 will neither have even 10 PR5+ sites, no photos, no videos no tags and no nothing. Now analyse, what you bought? nothing!

Instead if you buy unique content links or even highly spun links with photos and tags in the posts from PR5+ sites only… You will see the difference! 1000 (crappy links) < 10 (highly spun links with photos and tags in the posts from PR5+ sites) < 3-5 unique content links.

videos links, well, you should have them for diversity but you can’t rely on them.

Blog networks, well, relevancy, quality and authority are the traits to follow!

The ultimate tip here i would like to give you is “Diversity” Never forget to diversify your link property!

Thats all… I hope it helps :slight_smile:

I would suggest you to go for brand identity and increase domain authority. I would suggest you my gigs which is specially made for penguin effected site.

If you want to escape from Google Sandbox you got to trust somebody who knows his work!

You can check my gigs, i offer amazing backlink pyramids with great anchor diveristy, long tail keyword and other anti penguin keywords.

Best regrads!

I agree with the first two comments, I try and steer clear of any gigs with thousands of link, unless I’m using them for test purposes, some will work for a short while before dropping down to where the started. There are some good social bookmarking gigs on fiverr and also look out for niche directories which do help. Just make it look natural and keep within your targeted niche.

What can you say about the backlinking capacity of Is it really effective or waste of money? I will greatly appreciate your comment on this!


I want to say this, Most of the Fiverr Backlinks Sellers are using Software to give them. All the high number of Backlinks Sellers do it using bad software.

Remember There’s no any value for those links, because of these reasons,

  1. Google don’t love INSTANT Backlinks.
  2. Google don’t like Link Farm Backlinks.
  3. Google don’t like unnatural Backlinks.
  4. Google don’t like bot links.

    If you buy Backlinks from Fiverr, make sure you’re using Quality, MANUAL Backlinks creators. Because they worth than bot created links.

    ** Google likes Natural backlinks. As Penguin & Panda attack those BlackHat guys, but not WhiteHat guys. For me all the ways listed below is still working fine.

  5. Blog Comment Backlinks - You have used this as your 1st point for NOT EFFECTIVE. But It is wrong. Blog Backlinks effective when,

  • The host blog relevant to the Backlink obtained site.
  • The host blog page & post relevant to the Backlink obtained site.
  • The host page article has good keyword density etc.
  • If the host blog is Authoritative in its Niche - (Big & Professional Voice)
  • If the host blog has good PageRank
  • If the host blog has good popularity, good rankings.

    I agreed all your other points. But not with this Blog Comments.

    Remember all the new blogs are first come to ‘Google Sandbox’ which means site will not show high rankings for competitive keywords. It doesn’t matter how many links you get at the first weeks, But it matters with Content you publish and High Authoritative Backlinks.

Yup, I had the same mistake of buying gigs here in Fiverr not knowing if they are actually software submissions or made manually. Although a few days SERP ranking improved, after a few weeks, they wen’t totally out of the top 100 results and even top 300!

@scorpion dark.

Google does not care if you are white hat, grey hat, blackhat or wear a stocking on your head. As far as Google are concerned any link building that is not the result of natural backlinking is an attempt to game them.

The operative word here is natural and it does not matter how you build them as long as it does appear natural and this is what most people do not do. The people that do this and make it look natural are not doing it manually I can tell you that. If you go to any competent SEO company with brick and mortor premises you will find a lot of them have departments called “special operations” or similar. You can guess what they do.

  1. Google don’t love INSTANT Backlinks.

    As far as google are concerned all backlinks are instant backlinks. They crawl the majority of them right away. Never mind they show up four or six weeks later. Use raven tools or ahrefs and you will see just how many links google are really picking up. Forget using mickey mouse free backlink checkers. They are about as useful as an ice cream seller at the north pole.

  2. Google don’t like Link Farm Backlinks. That’s true unless the link farms are not public.

  3. Google don’t like unnatural Backlinks. As far as google is concerned any link building isn’t.

  4. Google don’t like bot links. I have no idea what you mean by bot links but if you mean using tools… There are a lot of tools that are not sold that are used to build backlinks and are extremely effective.

    Regarding blog comments. Google does not care less where they are from. All they look at is OBL’s and the PR of the page, as long as they are not from adult sites or illict sites.

    A lot of stuff does work, it depends how you use it. The problem is most people who get hold of tools are running round spamming anything and everything until their site gets penalized. Then they do the same thing over again with another site and another tool. This happens every. Single. Day.

Slow is the way to go and diversification is key.

Blog commenting is useful, but I prefer to do it all myself. I’m sure there are sellers who do a good job with commenting, but I don’t want to have to worry about my site getting flagged as spam if they mess up. Comments on blogs in the same niche as your site can not only boost your position in the search results over time, but it also directs a pretty decent amount of niche, targeted traffic to your site. Guest posting is even better since you can get some do follow links - again, stick with sites in your own niche.

Some social bookmarking gigs are useful, but again - you don’t want to overdo it. Maybe G won’t slap you for something right now, but do you want to risk losing all your traffic in 6 months when they change their algorithm and the 500,000 backlinks you paid for end up sinking your site?

If I had to pick the most effective type of gig right now, it would probably be certain social bookmarking ones. I steer clear of things like fake Twitter and Facebook likes.

Mark is totally right - tons of people just go gig crazy, buying up every backlink they can and spamming the world. It might get them somewhere for a brief bit, but eventually it’s going to catch up to them and they will get slapped with penalties. Go slow with the link building - keep it regular and natural looking and don’t rely only on the work of others.

Definitely blog commenting is the best, but top priority is that its should be natural/manually…

because google Google don’t love INSTANT Backlinks, Google don’t like unnatural Backlinks.

Google don’t like bot links… and remember google know what is manual and what is from bot… also can check my gigs and some buyers rating we have recover lots of gigs from penguin and panda after latest updates


I have a website for my dog training business and I was number one on Google for a long time. I didn’t have a whole lot of back links, but I did have them places on blogs, directories and other sites that were relevant to my business.

I also used twitter and facebook A LOT. I would post my links to different articles, videos, or pages of my site and I would ask people to share them. I got a lot of traffic this way and it also seemed to effect my Alexa rating.

Since I’m not as active on twitter and facebook anymore, my site has dropped on google (but is still on the first and second page).

Reply to @zulualpha: Yup. Slow and steady wins the game :slight_smile:

Hey it’s unfortunate that your site has been demoted in the Google rankings, ok so as others have pointed out spamming 10,000 links to your site and pinging them is going to raise an eye-brow to google and they are either going to issue you with an automated penalty issues such from penguin or panda or its been manually reviewed by the webspam team. If its the latter there is some good news you can redeem yourself

Please watch the following:

If its the flagged by the web spam team you will need to submit a reconsideration request. Google is your friend here.

Link building is best done little by little, from good high quality sources, remember quality not quantity, it always annoys me when sellers are selling a gazillion links for $5. Slow and steady wins the race.


Wayne Austin

I get some absurd requests from people and I blame this on a forum that shall remain anonymous, but where people just spout drivel, all day long. Anyway I get a lot of requests from people asking me to get them onto page one of Google in one week… Every week without fail I get asked this. The prize though goes to a buyer on fiverr who wanted me to get him on the first page of Google for every single post on his site…with just one gig and got upset when I said I could not help him.

Reply to @markp: Hey can you get me on page one of Google for “Casino” <-- Joke :smiley:

Reply to @ozzieuk: Hi Wayne, how would you know if your site is flagged by the web spam team?

Reply to @magisworks: Setup Google webmaster tools and submit a reconsideration request once you have took care of all the spam links. They will be able to help you further and provide you more information, but before you do make sure you site is in order and complies with the Google’s Guidelines, Do a Google search and you will find a plethora of information on this topic.

Hope this helps

Wayne Austin

Reply to @nikkitoni: Google now analyse Social Signals as a ranking factor, as well as a whole range of other factors such as freshness (how often is your site updated) relevancy, bounce rates etc, there’s a whole host of new algorithmic factors that go into your Google search results now-a-days. Links are still important but not throwing tonnes are spammy links such as comment spam as @fawadyk suggested. Google have a very clever algorithm to detect what type of link is pointing to your site be that comment, profile, footer or site wide links.


Wayne Austin

Reply to @ozzieuk: Wow I think I’ve got a lot of work to undo those spam links… Thanks for the info, Wayne!