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The Most Frustrated I've Ever Been!

All right, so I have this buyer that went ahead and made 12 separate orders at the same time.After I delivered 11 they made one more without any feedback on the previous orders. Inherently, this isn’t a bad thing but as the insecure and pessimistic Asian dude I am, this feels like it’s not gonna end well for me…
Let’s assume this situation goes down the bad end route, what would your course of action be?


Think positively! :sunny:

It could all end brilliantly for you. :smiley:


I wish I came with that feature.

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Yeah dude, I also worry about banks in India collapsing, the entire financial system going down like in Greece and Venezuela some day in the future because of some idiot coming to power and becoming the PM and doing the sort of stuff that Hugo Chavez did, and taking my entire savings down with them. (That’s true, that’s the only fear I have in my life.)That doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop working and saving and investing. Keep fighting, that’s what life is all about. Do what’s in your control, focus on the NOW, don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t obsess over the past.


Ask the buyer to leave feedback after each delivery and ask more than once if you need to.
It’s too late for that now of course but in the future. I tell clients never to order more than one or two gigs at a time from me, especially if they are ordering $5 ones.

Open a dialogue with the buyer. Ask if everything is to their liking and explain that you require some feedback on so many orders.

Then try to relax since if they didn’t like it they would not have ordered again.


I don’t wanna be a stuck in the mud but that’s already Kinda happening you know. What you own is a promise from the bank to repay you. It’s an unsecured liability. Considering it already happened once in 2008, it happening again won’t be surprising me.

@misscrystal Naturally, that’s the first thing I did.

Let’s hope that’s the case.

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Oh God, kid, give it a rest. You’re talking to the world’s greatest amateur economist. LOL.

As someone who’s practically high on caffeine and experiencing sudden bursts of religious enlightenment, I’m gonna take your word for it. :no_mouth:

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This reminds me of a buyer who ordered 5 times, didn’t rate 4 of the orders then gave the last order a 3 star. Later on the buyer came back again and was insisting that he wanted to keep on ordering. My question was simple. Why would you want to order again if you were not fully satisfied with the previous orders

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Exactly, imagine how the other guy feels. If it was one or two orders I’d be ok with it but 12 negative reviews or cancellations is crippling.

I don’t anyone can recover from 12 negative reviews at a go. Even if one would be able to recover it would be with very much difficulty. Is asking a buyer to leave a review before proceeding to the next order against TOS?

The buyer made 12 orders, separately. Even if it was within the TOS I don’t think it would work because of auto-cancellations due to being late while waiting for them to review delivered orders.

Think about those tanked sales threads you created and you’ll be fine, all optimistic in a wink.

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People are clearly misjudging how pessimistic I can be. :sunglasses:

How is your broken arm btw? Did it heal?

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Glad to see someone cares! Yeah, it healed. Luckily most buyers I had during that period were all pretty good people and agreed to extend the delivery date. I also raised prices a bit which worked out pretty well. had to worry with one arm and my phones speech to text feature but managed to get through it…ironically, that same month I had the highest earnings since I started Fiverr.

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Oh so now you have one another reason to be optimistic… Think about those days and be grateful. :maple_leaf:


Yeah, let’s hope that’s the case.

I think I might have to start calling you Goldilocks from now on.
“Disaster - I have too few orders”
“Disaster - I have too many orders”

Praying that you get “just the right amount” of orders soon - I can’t BEAR it any more


Finally someone summed it up…

I just dread the day you become someone ( guess ) who moans a lot about his orders.