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The Most Hated Thing About Fiverr

Hi Everyone,
I am facing some trouble, need an opinion on that matter. I know the customer support and resolution center has never been favorable for the sellers (they consider them less professional than the very very professional buyers…lol).
One of the buyers has directly placed an order on my gig and the problem was her requirements were not complete (no URL included and wrong credentials). after consulting with her (took half of the order time), she gave me a WordPress free sample site (not even had her domain) that does not even allow me to install theme or plugin extensions. After telling her that she is now demanding her money back from me and even threatening me. I don’t have a clue. Of course the amount is not an issue but WHAT ABOUT THE CANCELLATION CONSEQUENCES…?
This is clearly written (in bold letters) in my gig details as:
Note: Please discuss your requirements in details before placing the order to get 100% quality and desired work.
Is it my mistake that she placed a direct order and not even correctly fulfilling my Gig requirements and also don’t have a valid domain for the site creation.
I already had been warned twice by the fiverr due to highly professional buyers. I don’t want to lose my last warning. Please give me an advice regarding that matter. weather I should go for resolution center and cancel the order and affect my profile by doing so or I should contact support and ask them for help (that in my opinion has become least reliable and bias source towards buyers from my past experience).
Please advise me as I need your honest opinion on the matter. I am waiting for the response…

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This is a topic you need to visit.

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That should have a great help, we can atleast cross check the details…

You have to cancel it since you can’t do it with the requirements she gave you. You can contact CS and ask them to cancel it so it won’t affect your rate, and you might have them do that, or not.

I’m not sure what the warnings you mentioned were about but that does not seem to be an issue with this. Just do not say anything bad to her.