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I’m not only a freelancer voice artist, but also a national movie dubber. I’ve done from background voices to small roles in several movies, and I’m going to keep this thread updated with the latest Movies and TV Shows I’ve voiced here in Spain. If possible, I’ll also specify the role :smiley:

So, from first to most recent, here are the things I’ve done so far.

Vocing a little Troll called Darius here :slight_smile:

I supposedly killed someone here. I was obviously innocent :joy:. Voicing Dax Edwards.

Voicing Nate Joseph on the last season.

Voicing young Tyler Posey here, as Andrew Ortega :slight_smile:

Unreleased titles coming soon. Will keep this updated!


That’s really cool! I’ve always wondered who does the dubbing for Spanish-language movies that were originally in English.


Any Proof or a written document that you really did that work? :confused: I am not questing just there are many peoples who claim so many things. Your Fiverr Profile is great so i think you really did this work. Great!!! Keep it up! :innocent:


Most of it appears in the most renowned database of spanish movie dubbing :slight_smile: Feel free to check it out!

Fox Spain uploaded to their website a small scene of another guy I voiced in the last season of Homeland, you can check it out here:

I can always encourage you to go and personally check all the films listed, albeit I tend to try and keep my own dubbing demo reel updated with the latest releases. :smiley:


That’s quite cool indeed. I have a small interest in the topic, coming from a country where _every_thing gets dubbed and where the industry prides itself on being really good at it (mostly). Now in Denmark, it’s only movies and TV shows for children - and the results are sometimes spectacularly horrible. Like, scenes in total silence, no ambience, nothing with only the sound of words spoken into a close microphone.


That’s terrible!

It’s very curious to see how the dubbing scene differs from one country to the other. It is a fundamental part of our culture, we can’t understand our national TV and cinema industry without the dubbing scene.


Yup. Occasionally, a door slams, maybe :wink:

While I now prefer original versions, I still enjoy the strokes of genius you sometimes have in translations. My favourite is probably Bruce Willis’ “Yippee Ki Yay, motherf*cker” in Die Hard. In German, he says “Schweinebacke”. A bit of a soft word for terrorist Gruber but it fits McClane’s character and his lip movement to the point! :slight_smile:




Voicing young Michael Barbieri as Charles.


Voicing young Michael Barbieri (again :smiley: ) as Timmy






Episode 1x05 now.


Muy Bien!

You sound amazing in all your videos!

Congratulations on your latest!



Thank you very much, Gina! :hugs:



I started to like you but now I don’t because you are clearly far more successful than I am. That said, I have just had my first authentic celebrity/sports star writing client. Plus, I did once write a letter to be signed by the King of Morocco.

That said, who am I kidding? I’m crap. There is, however, a big move scene on Malta which is always looking for extras. maybe I’ll be an extra and start doing a ’movies I tried hard to wander in front of the camera lens of’ thread.

Now there’s a life plan for 2018.