That’s really cool! I’ve always wondered who does the dubbing for Spanish-language movies that were originally in English.


Honestly, this is the only My Fiverr Gigs post I ever look at.
I wish other people used the section as a portfolio place - it’s really smart. I presume you link people to it when they ask about your services/experience?


That’s quite a compliment! Thank you very much. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do link the thread sometimes if people ask me for a list of things I’ve worked on, but usually the gig video is enough to sell the service to the client.


MaShaAllah, you are doing great keep your success as it is :slight_smile:


Season 2 of HBO’s The Deuce!

Dubbing actor Esteban Carmona as Julito.

Also doing some smaller roles, one of which I’m attaching below:

As a curious note, I didn’t have any food while recording the sequence, so I had to fake having my mouth full.



New HBO series!

Dubbing character Pasquale Peluso in My Brilliant Friend.


Voicing actor Scot Greenan as Clayton


Really awesome! My personal favorite is Trolls.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You certainly are a busy man. Some major titles in that list.


Wow! That was great! I have seen some of these movies. Loved Trolls and sicario.


Mougly one of my fvrt :heart_eyes:


i have to watch this movie tanna


what is this movie name?


Cest la vie! ? It is its original title, a french movie. I believe in English it has the very same title.