The mystery of fiverr


I have sent clients to fiverr in the past and I decided to post some gigs and see what happens. Big waste of time! They have mystery words you can’t use in your post like telephone number. Sucks if that is the service you are providing. All the gigs we posted were denied because they weren’t just like all the other services they mysteriously choose as good. I now understand why there is very little diversity in the services on fiverr. Either they have no idea of all the pieces and parts that is takes to launch a project or they just don’t want buyers to have everything they need to start a successful project.

Below is a question I submitted to support and their response was to deny all my gigs and didn’t answer my question at all. I hope these guys are not looking VC money.

"Hello I am trying to add this text to a new gig and your system gives me this message.

Description may not contain an offer for direct communication. Reminder: Communicating with other users outside of Fiverr is not permitted. See our Terms of Service for more info.

this is the text I am trying to add.

Order your private telephone number and fax number in the area code of your choice. Receive your faxes in PDF format. Your new voicemail messages & fax messages are sent as soon as they come in you can also call in to retrieve your messages and caller Id.

Set-up your own virtual auto attendant with multiple extensions for team members, employees or departments. Each extension can have a unique out-going message for callers. Example: press 1 for sales 2 for accounting 3 for Alice Smith 4 for John Doe.

Record your personal greeting for callers and change it anytime with your private pin. You can also send us a pre-recorded audio file for your outgoing message."

The text doesn’t say anything about contacting me. The system has mystery words that block text from being posted. Does fiverr know that real people work with people on their site?


Today at 13:42


Thank you for contacting us regarding your gig. Our content editors have reviewed your gig and included in an email sent to your inbox as to why your gig did not pass their review. Unfortunately our editors will not be able to restore your gig and you are encouraged to submit new and unique gigs via your Fiverr account. For more helpful tips on how your gig can succeed on Fiverr, please check out our Forum threads for Tips to Sellers found here:


Eddie - Fiverr Customer Support

This is the email I received

We are sorry, but your Gig: ‘package phone, fax, cart, domain, hosting, email’ did not pass our content editors’ review.

This Gig has been removed due to being flagged as spam, misleading users or illegal.

Another email they sent says hosting is not allowed. I didn’t see that in the terms and conditions another mystery. Odd they have people looking for websites and everything under the sun for the web yet a seller can’t make sure the buyer has to correct hosting plan for the project.

Fiverr wants the world to revolve around them and for folks to promote them yet they don’t want anyone to mention or exist outside of fiverr. They don’t seem to get they are one piece of the puzzle and it takes all the pieces to make a project successful. Would there be a fiverr if there wasn’t the tools to create all the projects done on fiverr?

Below is the answer I got when I protested. fiverr really does live in another world. The website, hosting & telephone gig I was offering was good for a whole year! Are they not aware that the products and services buyers use go into all kinds of media forms that have life spans? Even after all the back and forth it’s still a mystery why my gig is “This Gig has been removed due to being flagged as spam, misleading users or illegal.” Would have been nice and simpler to get a straight answer. I guess I should just post gig like all the other gigs, offer the same services and compete for the same buyers and just be one more seller with no buyers.

I’ll give them an out - maybe its just poor training?

Eddie (Fiverr Customer Support)

Mar 4, 01:36

Hello again,

Unfortunately our editors will not be able to restore your gigs. The reasons were mentioned in the emails that were sent to your account. Hosting services are also not permitted here on Fiverr. We were able to see that your Gigs required users to return after a certain period of time to renew their service.


Eddie - Fiverr Customer Support


If you read the ToS on Fiverr before you put gigs up, you can generally avoid any reason that a gig would be denied. I’ve only had one denied and it’s because I had a poor quality image which was made clear to me. I fixed it and it was restored. Almost any service can be made into a gig on Fiverr if you just do a little research first. Most experienced sellers here could tell you why “telephone number” would be a problem and how to work around it without breaking rules. Regardless, if you don’t put up gigs that’s less competition for other sellers so I’m not complaining. :slight_smile:


Reply to @fonthaunt: I liked this entire comment. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: One down, 2.5 million to go. :wink: