The mystery of funds clearing


As many of you guys are aware, our revenues page has a list of “Funds Pending Clearance,” along with a general progress bar to show how far along it is in the process, and the date for clearance.

HOWEVER, I’ve noticed that things seem to happen much less predictably - I’ll suddenly have funds pop up as “available funds,” when something wasn’t due to clear yet, and the “Pending Clearance” dates seem to be a bit fluid as well.

Do you fellow Sellers know if there’s any rhyme or reason to these fluctuations? Or just little quirks related to the Fiverr system? I certainly don’t mind having an unexpected surprise when I log in, but it’s always nice to be able to predict things a bit better :slight_smile:


After almost 2 years, It is fairly consistent. I would suspect that they are batch run manually close to when they are suppose to clear. For me the joke is, if it is a big payout that day for me, it is usually posted later. But it just kind of makes me laugh. Fiverr has been very good to me. It seems they take it real seriously and it has be really consistent.


@landongrace - thanks for clarifying. Totally makes sense now.

And agreed - Fiverr has been wonderful to me already in my short time here, so whatever they’re doing is fine by me!