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The Name Guessing Game!

Hey Fiverr Friends,

While I am waiting for some work to come through, I have been known (by friends and family) to host little quizzes on social media apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp. One of my most recent quiz/puzzles i like doing are guessing a celebrities name only by using emoji’s.

Please have a go and have fun!

I’ll keep it simple to kick things off, then maybe update it every two days or everyday, depending on how many replies I get.


:socks: :rat: :tea: :tea:

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Socrates :grinning:

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Hahaha that was quick, well done :smiley:

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Hello, @bubbles1595,

You may like playing the Emoji Game we have going here. :arrow_down: The instructions are at the top, but you seem like you know what to do.


Oh ok, sorry I didnt realise you had one going already. I’ll take a look for sure :smiley:

There are a great group of people over there. You may enjoy interacting with them. I stop by from time to time, but I am babysitting my grandkids due to their daycare being closed, so I do not have time for the game like I used to have.


Ah nice, sounds like you might need to set up an admin team lol

They do just fine all on their own. If a game runs out of posts one of them contact ts me and I create another one.

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OK cool :smiley: I’ll definately pop by :slight_smile:

It is a varied group. Buyers and sellers for all around the world.