The Naughty Nudge Button


Here’s an idea, can the order start as soon as the order is placed?

I get buyers who message me, then they order, then I see this:

We are waiting for the buyer to submit the requirements.
Until then, the countdown for this order will not start.
Nudge Buyer

What do you think? Is it time to send the nudge button to the ash heap of history?


Happy cake day!

That’s fine if the buyer messages you before hand, but lots of gigs, like mine, can’t start until I get the info I need from the requirements section.

Maybe there could be a ‘I’ve got all I need to get started’ button?


I tried changing a gig to no requirement but see that we have to put at least one requirement. I noticed a while back that every order took at least five minutes to start and I still don’t know the reason for that as I don’t ask for anything hard or lengthy. My requirements have never changed.

I usually send a note saying the order needs them to fill in the requirement before it starts if I happen to be online when it happens.


Yes, right now I only have one requirement, in the past I had a buyer complain he couldn’t write in box 2.


I must be grandfathered in with no requirements. It looks like if I change anything on my gig, I will be required to make 1 requirement. :slight_smile: Right now my orders start with no info required. Then they are updated with the gig requirements,


Your requirement could state:

Thank you for your order. Type the word “Start” to start this order. If you haven’t already please send the materials for this order here.


That’s a good idea. Thanks.


Whenever I click the Nudge button I feel like an a hole.


Hell, no. But I would like a way to be able to customize the message, and a way for me to start the order if I want to without additional requirements.


You can send cutomize message also.


I prefer sending customised messages. What exactly does the nudge button say? Never used it before…


I think it´s time to label the nudge button differently (some sellers apparently can´t figure out on their own what it is for) and to also change the auto-text the nudged person receives…