The need for An Adsense Niche website


Hello the fiverr community, i am making this contribution to stress the need for you to have a adsense niche website.

Firstly an Adsense niche website is that website which is built basically to be monetized by adsense and preferably other ads network.

During the course of my researches day in day out i got to understand that in upto 10 websites i visit daily upto 7 of them run adsense adverts on their blog or website and are all doing it the wrong way only 3 out of 10 are getting it right.

Things to consider when setting up an Adsense niche website :

  1. The website must be elegant and user friendly; This will make users stay long and in turn earns money from clicks and impressions…
  2. Website must be navigable; In this sense a very good adsense niche website must have all its links placed well at the right positions for easy navigation.

    Lastly Your Adsense ad codes should be implemented at strategic places where it will be seen not as a threat but as helpful and this in turn gain you very tangible clicks.

    This short input is just an insight to how Adsense niche websites works, but as a professional i also offer this gig exclusively on fiverr. The link to my gig is here :

    With that gig i offer to setup an adsense niche website with every neccessary things fixed on it. All things i mentioned in this short post will be fully implemented on that gig and much more.