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The need for more gigs that offer formatting a document for Createspace


I, personally, have checked Fiverr several times for gigs that offer to format a document for Createspace. So far, I have found only one, and that particular one charges $5.00 for each 15 pages. I’m sure there must be a market for other gigs to offer a set price for doing special parts of documents for readying them for Createspace; i.e., such as adding Roman Numerals to the Front Matter, or Putting the Front Matter in the correct order, etc. As a matter of fact, if someone were to add these kinds of gigs, I, as a buyer, would probably be one of their first customers!


Hello bookauthor11,

Yes, I know, this thread is quite old, but I just wanted to announce that I started such a gig today: to help you format a manuscript for CreateSpace.