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The negative impact of orders being REJECTED


Buyers might not realize this, but when they request a simple modification, we sellers get a RED NOTICE with the word REJECTED. This has a negative impact right away, it might be something very subtle, but is misleading and brings a great deal of stress, a MODIFICATION REQUEST notice sounds much better.

And if the buyer really wants to REJECT an order, well, for that we already have the MUTUAL CANCELLATION AGREEMENT.


Exactly! It’s good to know I’m not alone.





The button even says “request modification” NOT “REJECT”!!!



Support should address this issue, or at least explain why they are doing this.


I couldn’t agree more, it’s stressful enough having to do the extra work of modifications, without feeling as though you’re being punished for it! Also, the timer for a gig modification is often unrealistic, especially considering that buyers are often in different time zones, so I often get modification requests late at night, and feel under pressure to make the changes right away by working late into the night. A more positive setup would be much appreciated!


Please Fiverr Support say something regarding this!


I agree with this, it psychologically bring you down when you read the word REJECT.


I have only ever once had a “rejection” in being here over 3+ years. It was for a little $5 order and essentially someone that wanted $45 of work out of me for $5. Those that tend to pay more than the standard $5 order understand the value they’re getting and are a lot more friendly. If you as a seller are getting a lot of “requests for modification” notices then it may be a good idea to revise your gig some. In some categories I can see a lot of modification requests for minor things, but in most categories if it’s happening way too often you might want to re-think about how you’re delivering your gig.


This has been fixed, now modification requests shows as MODIFICATIONS.
Thank you Fiverr Team!


Why aren’t they addressing things. I just rejected an order! I didn’t mean too… just wanted to revise… now what do I do???


You are responding to a thread posted exactly 2 years and 11 months ago.

A lot of things have changed/updated in those times.

I recommend searching the forums for a more updated thread or maybe posting your own for a more updated information.


I hate that Red “Rejectex” when most of the time the buyer is very happy with what they see and they asked to just add a few things!