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The Nerve of Some Buyers


You know, I’m all for rating sellers fairly, but it seems there are many buyers who feel that the stars give them all the power over us.

I had a buyer who purchased something on my 15-day turnaround time. When I looked at it, it was for a research article, not a rewrite. I asked just to be sure that this is what he wanted. He said yes. I explained that I do not do research articles for $5. He thinks that just because we worked together previously (mind you for rewrites only), that it’s okay and that because I’m a WOMAN, I should know all about the topic.

At that point, I’m livid and evaluation-be damned, I would have cancelled, but I explained that yes, I know it MAY SEEM like an easy topic, but sometimes everything isn’t so cut and dry and that I wasn’t going to spend my time researching an article for $5. I sent him a custom offer for $10. Still relatively cheap, but hey being the holiday season, I was being nice.

He agreed to it and I recently finished it. As I suspected, I didn’t know as much as I even thought and was glad I did what I did. It was never about the money per say, but my time is important. Researching stuff can take time away from my kid, and I should be compensated accordingly. It’s why I don’t offer a research gig on Fiverr.

What does he do? Rates me a 4.4 - 4 for Service As Described and 4 for Recommend.

In his response, he writes Thank you for your help. I will be back for more.

No dude - from this point on, I won’t accept your orders, evaluation be damned. I wrote him a quick message, saying I appreciated his feedback but felt it was unfair in the Service As Described since I did EXACTLY as I said I would do and he ordered on a rewrite gig when he needed a research article. I then advised him that I didn’t feel we were compatible to work together again. I apologized and said there were many Fiverr sellers that he could choose from for $5.

In my response to the feedback, I wrote:

I appreciate the business but would not like to work with this client again. He ordered on a rewrite gig but needed a research article. He claimed “As A Woman” I should know why about the topic. I offered him an extra to do the research article & he docks me a star for Service as Described.

Do ya’ll think my answer was professional enough? I’d like to hear yall’s views.


It looks professional enough to me. A bit annoyed, sure, but you’re human, and human beings tend to get annoyed when someone treats them like this buyer treated you.


This is what I pay attention to. When I feel this way I cancel. If someone upsets me, that’s all I need to know. It’s the end. I don’t easily become agitated but when I do I know it is an indication that we are not a good match.

I’m so sorry this happened to you. You are a great person and I feel badly that someone would treat you this way!


No, you handled it perfectly fine. I think people forget that while we work online, in a relatively impersonal setting – we ARE HUMANS, not robots, and we have normal human reactions and responses that are OKAY.

While I have a whole bunch of wonderful regular customers, and continue to get new ones that are a real pleasure to work with… I find it strange how people engage (or don’t engage) on this type of platform.

As an advertiser I get some customers that merely post what they want advertised, with NO interaction out side of that. “No… Hi, how are you, or good day … Here’s what I need posted. Thanks…” Just lack of a simple cordial greeting/ and a “thank you”." Call me crazy, but I feel like that’s lack of manners and etiquette - computer or otherwise.

I had a buyer do the same thing to me… and he was someone I had gone out of my way to help bring attention to his advertisement - added hashtags to his post, and he came back and did the same thing. I was floored because I had in fact done MORE than what my gig described - went above and beyond to help him. I was “awesome, and he’d come back… highly recommended” but wouldn’t give me the full 5 stars.

I actually don’t think buyers understand the ramifications (for the seller) of not giving 5 stars - or what amounts to 4.8 minimal – especially now with the new system.

You can say 4.8 isn’t a bad rating, BUT if you got several of those and a few under, you’d be knocked down, in this new system. 5 star work, should get 5 stars, Period.

I call those types of ratings a “passive aggressive” ratings. :neutral_face:


Thanks all…

After informing him that I appreciated the feedback but didn’t feel we were a match, he wrote me back, saying he wanted to still hire me for other jobs. Then, he saw his score. It was only a 3-star. I really felt the experience was less than satisfactory but I went with a middle ground. He said if anyone should be pissed, it’s him for the 3 stars. To which I just chuckled.

Personally, I’d have given him a 1-star for the attitude alone. He “claimed” he would have changed it to five-stars, but after seeing I only gave him 3, he decided against it. I never asked him to make a feedback change - was only inquiring why he scored the way he did. I decided to school him about his rating - his didn’t matter. They don’t ever really get seen by anyone but MY potential buyers. How I felt about something on the order would counteract his own. That’s what I was doing.

It’s like sellers who rant and rave about why they deserve 5 stars. I never once said I deserved it, but I do feel his rating was unfair.

If you score me a 4 on Buy Again and Recommend, are you doing it because you don’t recommend me? You already said you’d hire me again. So, why not 5-stars there?

If I went above and beyond on an order that you ordered wrong in the first place, why are you docking me for Service As Described, as I described everything I would do and carried out because of the mistake?

The takeaway here - you can’t please everybody all the time, and that’s fine. But, you do have a right to inquire why a buyer scores the way they do. It only helps you to learn your mistakes… However, in my case, the buyer is only justifying his actions by saying that everybody should know about this “topic” and wants it.

I am not everybody and I don’t think like a woman all the time.

As I typed this, I realized I almost sounded lawyer-like in my justifications of the feedback. Oops :smiley:


Haha - so true… you did! :grin:

But what do buyer ratings really matter? I don’t think they’re visible - other than transactions, and I don’t think they get penalized in any way for being a bad buyer – most of the time

Perhaps if that changed, we’d have less issues with people taking advantage of sellers.

I think the idea that the customer is always right has been employed, but – unfortunately this type of platform attracts scammers - who don’t really plan to buy services at all.

Not to say there’s no seller scammers, but they are weeded out pretty quickly…

But this is a whole new topic, that’s been raked over the coals repeatedly!:no_mouth::neutral_face:


I applaud you for this. Research is definitely time consuming, and surely he would have understood that $5 wasn’t nearly enough to cover it in the first place.

I don’t understand why he would rate you 4.4 and have the nerve to say he was coming back. I’ve worked with people who promised they would place more orders later at a higher price or volume, then they just disappear or delay. It’s a good thing you cut him off now, especially since sellers don’t have time to deal with that.

Don’t really get the “as a woman” thing either. I am slow to call out sexism on Fiverr because I assumed it was just the culture, but after looking back at my experiences, it’s pretty frustrating how common this is. I’d definitely report for the attitude if this were my situation. Ugh.