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The new algorithm


I can’t figure what is this new algorithm.Let me show you an examples of what I am talking about :smiley: .Strange things happens and they’re affecting my business a lot :smiley: (badly)
So I have gig in Book Covers & Packaging category.My gig is about Album & Single covers.I was ranked in the Avg.Customer Review long time ago on 1st place for both of the keywords:
#album cover and #single cover
Recently I checked and I am not even in the search :smiley: .Like people with 60 reviews are on the 2nd,3rd place and I am with 620+ and everything is positive and good.
Also I’ve made a research about two other keywords.
#album cover design and #single cover design
There are more than 7k gigs in this keywords.Top 3 pages on avg customer reviews are for Ebook or Flyers…Really :smiley: ?
I think ALBUM & SINGLE are terms for music covers. I really can’t get it.Just sharing thoughts with you.


Algorithm is a mystery.


Well… I bet nobody in Fiverr would like to tell, uh? Because sellers instead of working would just try to cheat on it.
When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.




@fitrigwrites4u I ditto this!