The new app update


Loving the new fiverr app update :smiley:


What’s new? mine still don’t get the update.


Do you use ios? I use Android and my app was updated today. Could you please check your app store for any update available.


I like new feature. There is 2 mode seller and buyer.


Tell us what you’re loving about it? I don’t see anything extraordinarily new. :upside_down_face:


The online and offline button is on the menu now , I am kinda getting a sleep feeling from the app :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s so much easier now to manage the gigs and to see your stats and everything


OK, cool! But, remember if you :zzz: snooze too much you lose. :rofl:


Oh sorry I meant sleek not sleep haha this new keyboard I have installed in my android is giving me weird typos :persevere:


Sleek it is!

I’ll admit, funny stuff. :upside_down_face: