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The new block feature

The Help Center FAQ have been updated to include the new block feature.

I was pleased to see it says

Can I block any user?

You can block anyone who has previously sent you a message or placed an order with you.

So, unlike many of us thought, that means you can block users who haven’t ordered from you yet, provided they messaged you and made you want to prevent them from ordering.

I couldn’t confirm it, as the block button only shows up intermittently for me (currently not) and I only looked at actual buyers when it did, not at people who just sent a message. Well, I hope it will be in a “show phase” once I’d actually need it.

Note: This feature is not yet available to all sellers.

(plus, at least for me, it’s available only sometimes) so if you don’t see it, it’s probably, hopefully just a matter of time.


Yeah, I’m not sure. I can block buyers who have already placed orders. However, when I go to block people who I haven’t worked with, I just see the report button.

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Ah, hm, well, maybe it’s like the new blind review system, rolled out while still evolving, maybe they have some kind of new AI features. :wink:

So, since I saw just now the block button popping up on some buyer’s profile, I quickly tried a few names from my inbox, with a weird result.

I’m seeing the block both on some buyers’ profiles and indeed on the profile of someone who only messaged but didn’t buy. And I do not see it on some buyers’ profile.

Maybe I can only see it on profiles who had the feature rolled out to as well? :woman_shrugging:


I only get to see the “report” button on threir profile whether they have bought from me or just messaged.

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And I only the block button or nothing, no report button.

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We’re on the Fiverr Universe where anything can happen :roll_eyes::joy:

I saw the block button this morning on my buyers’ profiles but not on those who only messaged me. Now it’s not on anyone’s profile.

I’ve had a series of truly scary people message me today too so I keep looking for it.
Scary in the sense that over the course of them sending many messages they are
clearly going to become total nightmares if they place an order.